Friday, November 9, 2018

Peace of Mind creation 悠悠創作路

 Peace of mind..... how he loves it and how I love it too - the cutie little thing!
I like hand making.
 Corner of the rural studio with lots of my handmade stuff.
 I like my santuary in the village.  Sometimes I do shooting then out for biking.
 This is the "newly discovered" route up to the hill.
 Lined with tall grasses and rough but I managed.

 Down is the flat land
 Back home with lots of rosella the farmer gave me
Made jam, drink and prints on fabric. 

   Jam with own drawn label for a friend
 Yesterday I spent a day in NGO St. James' Creation for the sharing of eco printing. When I saw these cutie little things I almost fell in love with all.  While the bundles of fabrics were in boiling we played weaving. 

While I shared the basic skills of eco printing, Fiona taught me the making of figurine weaving with yarns. 

 It's interesting to do and so adorable
After making I took it to my studio for the shots. You will see how lovely it is in my area.

  We used mainly with eucalyptus and rose leaves.
Rose petals were tried.  That's good to know what prints best.

Cinera eucalyptus is very strong and bold with iron mordant.

Rose leaves and onion skins with shades of iron mordant

Tie dye of eucalyptus for the chiffon scarf
Fun to play eco printing.  Basic is easy for silk just with iron mordant.  You may find my ETSY tutorial is good ref.


  1. It's always fun to share techniques, isn't it!

  2. Everything is very beautiful; the scenery, the studio and the projects. It's so nice you have a sanctuary in the village.

  3. Lalki oszołamiające. Czy mogłabyś pokazać jak się je robi?


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