Sunday, October 6, 2019

Botanical imprints on leather 皮革上植物印染

Mogi is always in a comfort zone.  He finds safe and pampered. He is my best creative director and spokesperson.  He draws eye balls.  Such a brat makes me happy.  He played with autumn windfalls while I played magic with those plants around. 

"See what mum has done other than fabric prints........"
A bag of botanical imprints from handles to body, front and back are leather.  Inner lining also of botanical prints.
This is the layout of plants on leather which I sewed into the bag.  The two main flowers are gerbra (非洲菊), one is fresh and the other is the second time of using.  The middle one is Rhododendron hubrida (比利時杜鵑)

Two bundles in the pot
My open kitchen in town, some ingredients with own gown.
After a while steaming beautiful and delicate prints of gerbra on leather.  This is one of the leather bundles with lac background.
Blueish purple from begonia heracleifolia
Gerbra is the ever pretty prints on leather. Ever used for the second time is so clean and clear.
Unwrapping is excited

The left image is fresh print of Gerbra and the left one is the second time printing, looks delicate but a bit smaller on the second time.
Mounted to dry to make it flat and smooth. 
Before & After of the leather prints

Two pieces of the leather prints of gerbra and other plants.
I cut the right size to sew with other cochinael dyed leather for the bag.

The other part of the leather sewed with other previously prune leaf printed scrap to make a purse.
A woman always in her own natural botanical wear

A set of leather prints - purse and bag.

This is the purse one side printed with prune leaves I done in France workshop for the demo. I like the very strong prints of prune. 

"Hey,  everywhere with mum's natural printing. I like most the canopy
Anyone likes to play around natural botanical imprints, here is instant download pdf tutorial on my ETSY. 


  1. Those prints are really turning out well - gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful works yet again. I love your cat Mogi too. So beautiful.


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