Friday, December 7, 2018

Natural prints and nuno felt 植物印染與羊毛混纖製作

Here in Hong Kong we're into winter, a bit cool now. Grasped a piece of my natural printed swatch,  I made the nuno felt multi-styled vest for a little girl. Without stitches just wool and simple cutting, no waste, the easy piece is made.
Last year I taught in Canada,  this was one of the sessions of nuno felt vest making with their natural printed yardage.
For adult size a big piece about two metres wide.
Style of long look.
It's multi-styled, shorter upside down look.

For a 5-year old girl I used a bright print of eucalyptus. Cut the arm holes,  lined with merino wool around then some more wool on the upper and down sides.
Sprayed soapy water and started rubbing then rolling for a while till the wool felt.
It's done. 
Be it a vest or scarf, it's a easy piece garment - a gift for a friend's daughter. Wish she likes it and keeps her warm in the winter.
Compare with adult size, it's easy to finish the wool felt part in two hours.
These days my thoughts still around Israel. Life is slow as snail sometimes busy as a bee.
這些日子閒適的,又想著以色列的印染,取來一片布料車縫重做保溫袋及包包,別緻的,獨特的,就是希歡手作,市塲買的平宜許多 ,但不及我要親手印製,這此就是送給欣賞我手作的朋友,想她也喜歡的。
I retrieved a swatch done in Israel with the wild chrysanthemum and quisqualis indica as well gerumium.  Prints are so nice with appropriate mordant of alum, tannin and iron.
The bag used to be an isothermic pack. I wanted to make it a bit nice. Covered it  with outer and inner fabric and handles.
The upcycled isothermic bag is done
It's neat with the nylon magic tape closure. A brand new isothermic bag is made.

I made two more purses with the printed fabric. 
They're not upmarket product but unique prints and handmade.
I find all is one-of-a-kind, no replicate and not willing to part with but I will give all these to someone who appreciates my work.


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