Saturday, November 3, 2018

Simple carefree cape/wrap in town and rural 隨意被肩製作

 A carefree cape (or wrap) just made with lambskin and own natural printed fabric. Simple style to wear in town and rural
Leisure riding in the village in cool day
That's the most simple wear I have done.  Last week when I passed by a leather shop I picked this lamb skin.  Very soft and thin as paper.  A good price less than a euro.  Thought to make a leather purse but just don't want to cut it off.  
 Sewed the shoulder lines with own natural printed fabric......
This is eco printed polar fleece with oxalis discharge prints
Simply a carefree wrap/cape of two different materials
Indeed I've also done a piece of curtain prints with discharge pattern as the wrap.
Just like the gray and white simple tone.  After shots in my rural studio I went biking in the nearby villages. 
 This area is called Kam Tin, in the west New Territories with some typical old villages/houses.
 The lane blocked by trunks last month due to super typhoon just cleared.
 I rided to the alley lined with a few shops.
 Stopped by this one with lots of handmade dainty items and chatted with the owner
 Motto of "printing transfer" the shop owner Miss Leung made
 I like the wax print of carriage
Bough a second hand book for my upcoming travel
 A path leading to a village
 Then crossed the bridge
 Students autumn activities

A short walk in the area to view the study halls of older days
Typical doors of buildings
The villages called Shui Tau Tsuen (水頭村)  and Shui Mei Tsuen (水尾村)

Such good views with undulating mountains and fish ponds.

 Grasses are just too beautiful

A nice place for leisure riding

Hong Kong is a small spot.  Just a stone's throw away I am back to town in the financial centre.


  1. I love the village where you go biking. It's beautiful and quiet. I also love your new cape. It's beautiful. The curtains too!

    1. I love our rural. It's unbelievable we've such beautiful lands other than the high risese in town.

    2. 好優美嫻逸嘅生活 看見你穿著自己的製成品 騎著腳踏車悠閒地在村莊裏穿梭 倍觉優遊自在

  2. beautiful eco print and you photos are great

  3. Właśnie kończę pracę dyplomową o ogrodach Feng Shui.
    Mieszkasz w cudownym miejscu o pięknej energii, zgodnych z chińską szkołą form. Pewnie dlatego tworzysz takie super prace.

    1. Truly we've the very stunning views with undulating mountains and waters around that's we called good feng shui. I always get inspired when I'm in the rural.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. That's a lovely cape, and what a wonderful day out!


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