Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thrilled to learn advance natural printing 深層學習植物印染

Set of natural printed garment with purses just made.   I love the prints and the new tone totally different from what I used to make.  I don't know how to do the prints.  Prints on the fabrics were made in March when I was in Israel.
這襲衣裳及同系布包包是早前在以色列跟大師 Irit Dulman 製作植物印染布料,回家後自行車縫。這印染技巧高深,六月份Irit 在荷蘭授課,因此明天上路遠赴荷蘭再與其他學生深入學習。
It is advance technique of natural 3D prints (#3DPrintRD) of textile surface design.  When I visited the master Irit Dulman in Israel she was so generous to show me how to lay plants for the design.  When I opened the bundles I was so excited for the outcome. 

Each piece is so beautiful with different shades.  Irit was so generous to give me such presents of prints making while I stayed in good friend Betty's house.

I was home with the beautiful prints and happy to make use of all the panels.  Then I made a tunic with the raglan sleeves pattern from Revital Avidar.

A simple tunic I modified a bit with folded sleeves and side pockets.
I love every inch of the fabric,  each leaf or flower prints is so unique from Israel.

The flower looks almost popped up
I used up every single scrap of the fabric.  Just don't want to throw away the remnants, I made them into two purses.

This is logwood dyed with discharge prints of oxalis, both side of the prints.

I made the purses with lining and pocket compartment with the swatches of curtains.  The detachable strap is from daughter's used purse.
Part of the prints from those plants in Israel.
I printed the fabric in Israel, made the garment in Hong Kong and will dress it in Holland.
This video is where I am in Hong Kong.  Tomorrow I will be off to Holland to learn from master Irit Dulman for the advance prints surface design. I will be out of blogging till July.  Please come back I will share with you my days in Holland.

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  1. That's a great success - well done! Enjoy your time in Holland.


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