Saturday, May 26, 2018

Making of natural dyed tunic sets 天然植物印染襯衣製作

This is an easy piece slip tunic set.  The base is just cut two, front and back then lined armholes and neckline.  Actually I printed and dyed this chiffon last year but in stash long as don't know what to do with such light and thin silk chiffon. Also it's not my fav since not red as I wanted.  Until weeks ago I took it out for the cutting to go with other experiment panels.  Intended to make it flowing,  another tunic of panels goes for layered style.
Now is May but we're in Hong Kong already into summer.
That day I went to the beach near my studio for the shots. Walking in the hot sands but still cool with the light wear.

This is how the prints placed. Mainly of eucalyptus, rose leaf and mandarin leaf. Grey is reaction of tannin and iron.
I made the outer one with open panels so as to see the prints of the inside layer.
I wanted the basic layer goes well with other outfits.  Thus I sewed another outfit with my fav lemmon marigolds prints.

Front panels are actually mirror prints of left and right.  Just don't want it looks parallel, I sewed one upside down.

Prints more focus on the sleeves. Left photo is alum mordant fabric while the other is madder dyed with tied onion skin prints.
Silk prints of iron mordant and alum mordant with different shades
For the making of onion prints I wrapped the skins with fabric and tied with parchment paper.   All my prints of these sets boiled not more than an hour.
The set is light and what I want in this summer.


  1. Very beautiful, especially on your very trim figure.

  2. 這衣服穿在你身上輕型飄逸 美態動人

  3. I just love them Terriea ♡♡ I had a vision to make a dress with long panels this year, and I like how yours is done. As always, your prints are beautiful and inspiring. ♡☆♡☆

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