Saturday, March 31, 2018

Natural printed multi styled wrap 植物印染小黃花製作

Last month I done lots of wild yellow flower prints in Israel.  Now some of the panels sewed into wearable. Here comes one of it.......

The wrap for pants or as scarf.......

 Prints on silk with iron and tannin mordant

I sewed two panels, that's it.

 It goes well with the pants which was done last year.

Thought it also goes well with other pants
 Be it a wrap for pants or a scarf, it's something of my handmade.

  I've done lots of experiments over the years. Just wanted to make simple garments or accessories with the swatches.  Almost everyday I like to put on one of my own designs just to test colorfast.  Whenever my neighbour sees me she recognises my works and says it's unique and one-of-a-kind. What a beautiful word "unique".   Yes it doesn't always mean pretty, may be she meant "muddy" .  I don't care this is my style.

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