Sunday, February 4, 2018

Keep warm with fluffy and wool stuff

We're embracing cold front, feeling chilly.  Fortunately with fluffy and own made wool felt boots I'm warm enough.
"Are you warm enough Mogi?"
"Yup, my fur keeps me warm"

I know the other part of the strait in Taiwan also freezing.  The package was on the way to my lovely client - YaLing.  I know she has already received the package and keeps her warm too.

YaLing ordered three items from my ETSY -  a wool flannel shawl, a table runner and a wool felt purse.

I made this soft wool flannel with own printed eucalyptus and casaurina. 
The wool felt purse made in Portugal with the raw fleece of local sheep for the textural flap. 
Table runner of wool flannel with cotton backing also printed with assorted leaves picked locally inc. eucalyptus leaves, barks, branches and maple.
It can be a table runner, a bed runner or a wall hanging.  
I have been doing on line shop ETSY for a few years but not many physical items listed as I mainly sell the instant download natural prints tutorials (English version, Russian Version, Advanced version).  Thought it's time to replenish some more items.

Lazy me I always like to do own clothing with natural prints.  Here's the one I recently sewed with prints of euc and buds.   Will show more details next for the easy piece..


  1. such beautiful work, your client will be very pleased! Mogi is a lovely big cat and compliments your work beautifully! I hope war temperatures return to you soon.

  2. Yes, lovely work to stay wrapped up warmly in!


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