Friday, September 29, 2017

Vivid Colours

Just in the past 24 hours those colours around me were amazingly beautiful.
Woke up with the stunning sunrise from host's grand house. Then forwarded to Mt Washington, Paradise Meadow for a trail walk in the woods.
昨天在好客主人Genoa 的山谷大宅晨光景「色」開始,我們與小狗走上青葱的山林。今日清晨已乘小型飛機回到溫哥華,趁著會議空檔在街上閒逛,這兒有些樹葉已轉色了,有翠綠、金黃、橙紅.......好一個宜居城市。
In early fall still warm and sunny but in the further mountains the year round with snow.
It's fresh walking in a sunny day

The evergreens are ever never boring.
The red, the yellow and the wood ....
Looks like alpaca I just visited in Amy's Ontario farm. 
The white queen ann lace are still blooming in the cool mountain.
Host Genoa and I have a break by the lake.
While we've a break the bird has to "pick" from Genoa's hand. 
That's yesterday Genoa and I walked with her dog Shanti in the BC Vancouver Island. Early this morning at 4am Genoa dropped me off to take the small flight from Comox to Vancouver. Have to say goodbye to my sweet host. My next stop is not my final destination or full stop. 
Arriving early in the B&B "White House I already explored the city on my own. Walking in the downtown and along the streets some trees are turning yellow to red, vivid colours. 

Vancouver is a liveble city with waterfront and greenery everywhere. 

Can you feel the joy?
Well, my "mission" in Canada has not yet completed. Tomorrow will have a social meet up with artists in Granville Island 
and explore the cultural and artistic ambiance.


  1. You are having really gorgeous weather - all those lovely blue skies, and sunshine though the autumn leaves!

  2. Wonderful that you were here during some sunshine. Down at Granville Island I am sure you will have a wonderful time meeting other awesome artists ;-)


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