Saturday, July 15, 2017

Indigo dyes for projects 藍染工房製作

 This is my new botanical imprints just done after a visit to studio "Lantaublue" - Indigo 11.50 (片藍造藍染工房) for indigo dyes.
為了做這有藍染帶出的植物染効果,日前與好友Amy W 走訪大嶼山片藍造 11.50染了好幾片布料做後期製作。
 I went with my good friend Amy W. to Lantau. Arrived at noon outside the prison bus stop
     for the studio pick up, there're cows welcome us! Prisoners are not free but these wild cows are well protected and they're roaming free everywhere on the island.
The studio is situated in nature, in the village "Tai Long Wan Tsuen"  down from a stream with natural authentic ambiance and supplies.
工房座落石壁大浪灣村有著鄉土風情的建築及設備,工房創辨人Max 及助手細意安排下,我很快的浸染了三片不同布料後,信步走到海灘藍天白雲吹拂拍照。
Everything in the studio is so natural. The pig pen remains,  
the stone sinks
the woods to fire for ashes .........  and Aki, the Border Collie was so welcome to us.
I have a few light silk yardages to dye for my special project,  it took less time and finished in a while.
 Yeah ! The three different silk yardages with different blue shades drying in the blue skies

 I'm happy in the studio
 While the yardages are sun drying,  designer founder Max was so patiently explained to me how the indigo dyes were made and how they used the natural resources and water from the stream.
 This piece I intended to dye only the middle part for a special experiment.
 Before leaving the studio we walked to the beach just a few minutes away from the studio
The yardage just in the sunny blue skies tone 
  After the breezy beach walk, time to leave for another tranquil beach.
  Max's so nice to drop us at the bus stop to Shui Hau Village.  Aki looks like leading in front to see off us.
 Getting off the bus in Shui Hau Village, we walked to the seaside, the buffalo boarded our way.  We gave way to take other path to the bay.
Some cows resting in shade by the stream 
others grazing the green green grass..... 
 Looking around the largest sandbay on the island......
 with resting boats on land
 It was a sunny hot day with sea breeze. Amy and I have a leisure walk in the sandbay.   
Amy and I have been known since in high school.  We cherish our decades of friendship, we walked through our life and left foot prints in the sand.
May be many years later we would come again.  Wish it will be the same look with our same young mood.

Back home that night I cut in half the middle dyed silk to do two pieces of prints. 
I told Amy I would make two, one for her and one for myself.
With different composition for different placement outcome. They're done but I will show  more details of the prints in the next post.

I've also done the fresh direct leaf prints with Indigofera tinctoria (木藍) planted in the studio that Max gave me.  The plants are traditionally for indigo vat making but I just like to try the contact prints. Very delicate outcome of khaki and purple prints.  Max also gave me some seeds of the plant.  I wish I could grow some for own prints in the future.
回家後馬上動手製作,先做了一小片Max給我的木藍鮮葉印染,紫色的葉子效果不錯,Max 給我一些木藍種子,我希望可以種植到一兩株用葉子做印染。下次的網誌再詳細分享其餘幾片印染效果。


  1. Always lovely to see your fabric/natural dyeing adventures!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing how some of these turn out!

  3. I would love to take an indigo dying class there. We have so few of them here. I do love the indigo tunic you are wearing and the scenery you've shown is spectacular!

    1. Indigo dyeing also rare in Hong Kong. Just by chance I went there and dyed my own yardage. The tunic I wore was done in Taiwan where is more popular.


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