Monday, February 13, 2017

Nuno felt dress 羊毛混纖裙子

The nuno felt dress I just made with a designer's leftover.

一位年青時裝設計師 Martin 給我他用剩的數位印製蕾絲,布料是他特別為早前「水上華服誌」官門水道漁民生活況的服飾設計, 我利用羊毛混纖製作了這裙子,黑白分明,長長捲曲的羊毛混在其中,我姑且名為「官門水道之浪花」,其實這也是我們課程製作的樣本參考。

 Indeed this is the leftover of digital printed lace a young fashion designer, Martin used for his project for the recent floating fashion gala.  The lace printed with Chinese characters of the waterway and images of people who lived in that area.  I asked Martin for the piece to try the nuno felt skills. With little Wenslaydale curls I tested.  It works.
In the coming days  I will have private tutelage for the nuno felt garment making. So I made use of the leftover for the sample making.
 With the silk chiffon base, some merino wool, little mulberry silk and banana fibre......
A medium dress with cobweb sleeves is made. 
Mogi approves it !

Here's the front and back look.

Top of both the front and back are rich textures and drapes well.
Sample of simple yet elegant dress.
 This will be my own dress for a special occasion.


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