Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mix & Match natural printed outfit 拼拼貼貼草木印染外衣

Have done so many panels of prints experiments.  Some good some so so but just wanted to make use of every single piece I sewed together with the pattern learnt from Rivital Avidar with little modified. Of course some printing skills from Irit Dulman.  I like the high slits of traditional Vietnamese costume. This outfit is made with 6 panels cut from the width of different fabrics. They're sorts of silk and wool cotton blend also done in different techniques of natural prints. So far it is the outfit I like most. You'll see details of close look.

The outfit with all-side prints and two wooden buttons.  The back prints with eucalyptus and Lagerstroemia speciosa as well sumac.


The main part of front is eucalyptus and papaya with madder. Sleeve blue from indigo.

"Before and After" of the front prints

That's the casual outfit 

Just fine in a breezy winter here in Hong Kong 
So the outfit I made with natural prints of eucalyptus, rose & leaf, sumac, casaurina, Lagerstroemia speciosa, papaya leaf and natural dyes of tannin, madder and indigo.
In a nutshell this is the signature garment with all the techniques I learnt or developed myself so far.

Some people asked me the tutorial printing of this garment.  As I said it's the combination of a few skills from basic to advanced that takes some time to achieve.  Sorry for not able to show all techniques right now.  However a part of this outfit, i.e. the eucalyptus on the front and the sleeve I have detailed pdf tutorial on my ETSY.  Here's the link of shopping.


  1. A great talking point, as well as a lovely outfit!

    1. I'm happy to combine what I learnt in one piece.

  2. I am really liking the way you have blended and described your discoveries and learnings and hard work! Beautiful piece!

    1. Ginny, I'm blessed to have you read it and noted it. Really love what I made and share.

  3. This is magnificent Terriea. I love the mix of panels of different shades light and darker shades. The back is simply gorgeous! In fact, it all is! It actually makes my mouth water, it is so delicious! The little touch of Indigo on the sleeve is genius! I also love the way you are doing a contemporary take on a classical Chinese style garment. This really inspires me! (In fact, I am working on some designs based on traditional Indian garments!)
    Congratulations! It is scrumptious!


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