Saturday, November 19, 2016

Modified another pair of wool felt boots 新做一款羊毛靴子

 The woolly boot I made with wet felt technique learnt from Natalya Brashovetska.
 The Austrian mountain sheep wool is really so easy to felt with.  I added UK Wensleydale curls for the textures.
Up to the hill where I live......

Lift up and relax over our city view........ Hong Kong is in the sub tropical zone.  We do have winter.   Normally Nov - Feb are cool days, cold below 8C at times.  But this year still not cool even hot. 
 Come on I need the cold days to cool down.........

 Indeed I made the boots last year started with wool layering.  After some rubbing, rolling and fulling......
 The hard work is to glue it and hand stitching.
Finished with the slip-in boots with flap.  After a year I thought it's no harm to do something and modify it to another style.  I cut it to have the lace style.

 Then punch the eyes for the lace holes each boot with 10 holes.  This is the only part I can't do it myself so it's done in a shop.

Though I don't have the former style of slip-in.  I can make another one later.
The pair now is lace tied I love.


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