Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dress of contact prints with leaves 裙上的葉子印染

 A dress I made with the leaf prints done in Spain "Textile con Alma" workshop. Just like the shape of geranium leaf and the ground control skill learnt from Irit Dulman.
在西班牙的實習布料隨手取兩片做了一件秋日裙子, 簡約葉印及剪裁, 就是這麼一件天竺葵葉與胡桃葉子製作.

 I recalled the mornings I walked up the lane leading to the village Azana where the workshop held.  The lane lined with pretty flowers and the impressive geranium.

 I picked a few for the contact prints samples making in the workshop. Such bold and clear prints of the geranium on silk.
 I've been doing experiments on assorted fabrics with different techniques thus lots of samples made. Just grab a piece to make something.........
 The panels were just right to make a dress.  With Revital Avidar's raglan pattern I cut and sewed the dress.

Geranium and walnut leaves on the front and sleeve

While the back is with random prints and both sides with viscose cotton of same tone dyed in tree barks.

 It's interesting and fun to explore natural prints. Irit Dulman is awesome for the skills. Her facebook page may have workshop schedules. 

  I also like Revital's pattern of raglan dress. It's simple and easy to make. Don't have to sew zipper, no button and easy pulling in.

My simple dress for the breezy autumn on any occassions.


  1. Lovely, indeed. The prints are beautifully placed.

  2. Przeurocza sukienka, ma się wrażenie jakby płonęła złotem. Pięknie w niej wyglądasz.


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