Sunday, July 24, 2016

Natural printing bond with France 法國情誼之作

In May when I was in Sijean, France. My friends Helene and Brigitte were so nice to spare some time with me. Helene was kind to model the garments I just made in Spain with natural prints and dyes, last post. She's interested in such unique design and making technique. I said I would make a top for her with some local leaves. When I back home I immediately practised the skills learnt from Irit Dulman the natural prints and Revital Avidar the garment design. 
As Helene likes simple and not those orange or red so I used a few buttonwood (梧桐) from France and Loropetalum Chinense (紅彩木) locally mainly on the upper part design.
After 1.5 hours boiling the fabric printed then sewed.

This is the big buttonwood in the town of Sijean.  The first morning three of us strolling in the little tranquil town. Prints of the leaf from this sort of tree

I designed it the raglan top.  After all done I took photos on my girl before sending the parcel out. Prints mainly around collar and shoulders while sleeves with dyes and stains of cochinael.  

Back is also with little green leaves from France collected along the canal

A silk top all with natural prints/dyes is now with bella Helene

I am happy that it fits Helene

Eco printed tote bag with "grumpy" for Brigitte
My last stay in France was memorable with Helene and Brigitte. Both are my good friends. Of course not to forget also something I made for Brigitte. It's a tote bag printed with eucalyptus, casaurina and leaf cut into cat and dog silhouette.

Brigitte's tote bag with two compartments and lining.  Both sides printed. Size is quite right for her "grumpy" or a wine carrier
"Before & After" of the prints on wool flannel for the tote bag

The natural printed silk top looks good on my oriental girl and the French bella.
I like the chance of practise. 
Thank you girls for the modeling.


  1. Gorgeous top and bag Terriea, I'm sure your friends are delighted :) x

  2. Such successful prints - well done!


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