Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Art journals making 美術小本製作

A pile of art journals telling a story...... 
每一美術小本有著不同的 "背景" 但沒有文字, 訴說著每個製作的故事........

Wordless on the books yet beautiful stories they're telling....... all of handmade, natural, one-of-a-kind and touch of love........ 

 Papers with direct contact prints from plants...... That's the story begins.......

Last week I went hiking I collected a few sumac leaves for my fabric prints experiments. Found it's no harm to test on paper as well.
I have my easy own way of paper prints making. Here's the last post about it. 
Contact prints of the sumac, weeds and eucalyptus silver dollar on fabric. They are nice prints.

Fresh from the dyeing pot..... sumac and weeds prints on fabric.  Quite impressive purple though no obvious veins details.

 Sumac on fabric and different papers with various outcome

I'm pleased with assorted contact prints on various fabrics and papers. So addicted to do sorts of handmade stuff.  This pile of art journals is only a few of the them still with me.  Friends know me well may have one in their hands.  I made the artbooks with coptic binding, some with nuno felted textural covers, some with natural printed fabrics.  Each has a story of making behind....... 

 Among these.......the dark print of castor oil on cotton particularly reminds me friends in Israel.
This tiny book, the first one I made.  The leaf was picked on the ground near my office 4 years ago.  The nuno felt cover with little of Mogi's hair.

 One of the covers made with a friend's wore-out Tee shirt printed with guava leaf.
Bookmark of Hibiscus leaf 
This one with the prints on paper and the prints on fabric
Maple from San Francisco on used envelope paper
Tie marks on wool felt cover dyed in eucalyptus pot and purple from logwood dyed scraps
This set is the only one with machine sewed cover and pocket. Prints on cotton with iron soaked leaves.

Pile of art journals closed with own made buttons

  Open my books and read all over the stories........ each with different "background"

.........another story of making the sumac prints
The scarf with sumac prints on stretch silk picked on hiking, while the skirt prints with sumac done in Spain.  So....... different stories made........

Read over my stories from this one I first made four years ago......
A chapter closed with the broken porcelain bowl picked in the same bay where I took the shots.
My journey of natural printing from four years ago till now went through a few processes.  Still hooked and hopefully going to develop my way of making.
 My instant download pdf tutorial (English version) (Russian version) on ETSY is easy to follow and create unique fabric arts. 


  1. Your journals are so beautiful, I absolutely love them.


  2. These are just gorgeous. I am making a fabric book at the moment and having trouble putting it together. Do you have any hints

    1. Thank you Shirley. I hope to show detailed explanation with photos. Will do when I have time shortly. Love to share. Please stay tuned.


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