Monday, June 27, 2016

Found my path of natural prints 植物印跡

I was quiet for a while after Spain workshop "Textiles con Alma". I'm not lazy but only too addicted in exploring and doing experiments of new techniques learnt from  Irit Dulman and  Revital Avidar whom are tutors of the workshop. With the brilliant techniques of natural contact prints I almost everyday bury myself in the dyeing pot. Following are what I have done in the recent three weeks.  
這三星期我好像静了下來,可不是懶洋洋的,一頭栽進植物印染大缸中,做呀做的,為新學到的技巧做實驗,就是這樣做了以下多類實驗, 把樣本實習做成衣。
The first piece I done on a Korea knit silk, prints of vine leaf, Buttonwood and sort of different unknown leaves.  I made on a panel, one end with alum and other end with titanium mordant. That's nice as a scarf with two shades.

The contact prints on light silk jersey with large chestnut leaves and sumac done in Spain was made into a gown with Revital's pattern for my nephew's wedding.
 I just like the bright chestnut prints and contrast of the white strips on dyed purple background.

Testing on a wore out white cotton tee, it works so nice with buttonwood  and other leaves as well dyed in cochineal.
This one I printed leaves on silk and sewed a top specially for an overseas friend. Now sneak peek only, sure will show details after the parcel is in my friend's hands.
With pattern in hand I took out from stash a big indigo dyed scarf done in a Taiwan friend's studio last year for a new garment making with the help of .........
Yeap, with the little helping hands pressing the pattern, I cut it skillfully and sewed..........
Front and back of shibori tie dyed tunic was made.
The most interesting techniques learnt in Irit's workshop was to to bring out (or disharge) the leaves shapes and colors on dark, grey, silver, green or purple with all natural plant dyed.   So I made some more experiments on silk and cotton.

Mogi, the brad just curious how my works look, feel it, touch it....... Oh no, it's only his territorial behaviour.  He wants to occupy all my stuff.
That's the ground control experiment. We can make prints on clear background with all natural resources.  Some swatches made in the recent 3 weeks are combined into garments.    Below images speak themselves the outcome.

An outfit with prints on Korea knit silk, habotai and viscose.  Ingredients are madder, cochineal, logwood, indigo, rusty iron, tannin, various weeds, leaves and touch of love but not much patience.  Since I'm very impatient, open the bundles immediately and tried everything eagerly.  No way, that's me.

My outfit made with the modified pattern I learnt from Revital.  The sort I made the raglan gown but just made this a loose one with open front.
Irit Dulman and Revital Avidar are brilliant artists/ designers.  I got inspired after their workshops and found my way in the next level of textiles.  I'm not by profession a designer but just like doing fabric arts or related. After the workshop many friends asked if I can teach or sell them the tutorial of this new skills of natural prints. I learnt from Irit this special techniques and I respect her most.  I still need some time to explore and to master it.  There are so many varieties to do with natural prints and dyes. It is not good for me to sell others' skills.  Irit is brilliant. I know she had workshops overseas. One will be in Holland organised by Atelier Fiberfusing. Interested parties may like to see if spots left.  Details here
Occassionally I got inquiries of the eco prints I made.  I have been doing my way for some natural botanical prints.  There're instant pdf download tutorials in my on line  shop 
Both tutorials English version and Russian version on ETSY.
I'm delighted that I got my blog almost 350,000 pageviews for my 500+ posts. Each with some readers comments. My blog is not sponsored.  With your views that means I have your support.
Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day.

Friday, June 3, 2016

"Au Revoir" France and my great friends 再見我的法國摯愛

Maya, your blue eyes killing me. You're cool. On the first day I arrived your house you ignored me but your charming blue eyed host Helene and Brigitte are so warm with me
Maya,你攝人的藍眼睛可不易親近,而你的藍眼睛主人 Helene 與友 Brigitte 在我一星期的造訪逗留熱情招待,我深感榮幸, 你總愛待在陽臺晒太陽對望街道,因為這法國南部的天氣明朗怡人,你的好客主人帶我𣈱遊小鎭、村莊、湖邊海邊,一星期中我們品嚐各種美酒,暢談歡聚, 玩玩手工,話別有時,今日離去再往巴塞隆拿-此行歐遊中轉站,待一天踏上歸途,又是我回到 Mogi 的時候了。

The house view is good with morning beams. Maya likes sitting in the balcony watching the lane.

Every Tue there's local market of produce in Helene's village Sijean.

Everyday we've nice chat over drinks and snacks in her cozy house. 

In day time Helene's so nice to show us around her region stunning views. 
One evening we managed to do wool felting. I like to share the versatility of wool with friends. We made the simple wool  felted rings and Nuno felted brooches with the indigo dyed scrap just done in Spain.

In an hour they made pretty handful rings and flowers.

So sweet Helene and Brigitte made a chocolate cake to pre celebrate my birthday.

How thoughtful they are!

In a windy morning we went to feel the strong wind and a 7km trail walk on an island with a pick of rosemary.

Today, last glimpse to her nearby lakeside. It's another brilliant day with breeze.

We walked in the olive groove .....

Time to say goodbye to my wonderful friends. We have a sumptuous lunch in a decent restaurant in Perpignan before off to Barcelona.
Cod, duck breast and snails in typical local cooking served with their house wine.

I was honoured to visit the restaurant's own cellar.
They sent me to the train station. In 1.5 hours I arrived Barcelona, a hub of my Europe trip.

Au Revoir my friends in France and you, cool Maya. For one more day in Barcelona then will be heading home to see my Mogi.

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