Sunday, April 24, 2016

Accidental creation inspiration 偶然的創作靈感

 I love nature and cows. Being brought up in the suburb but moved to town for decades. Every Friday I go hiking with a team. I wanted to leave much footprints all over our stunning mountains in Hong Kong.  While doing hiking I observe and admire all living things, cows, butterflies, plants....... so as to get inspired for my creations.
The contact prints from casaurina and wool felt cow just done after my outing last Friday.

 Originally our team for hiking last Friday was up to a mountain, however at the time to start walking it's pouring. The torrential rain forced us to call it off. In the early morning I traveled long to the assembly on Lantau but just to cancel the hiking due to poor weather was a pity.  I decided to spend some time on the island by reading, listening to the rain and enjoying my cappu in the cafe.   Rain stopped after a while. I changed my mind to board on a bus to Shui Hau Village where the sandbay is famous for clams digging and the wild roaming cows.  The pictures below speak themselves how it looks.........
本是在大嶼山遠足, 在集合點出發時突然瀑雨, 行程被迫取消, 一埸老遠來到東涌, 唯有在咖啡店看看小說, 聽雨聲.  雨稍停, 我便前往車程不遠的水口村, 那裡的廣闊泥灘及逍遙的牛群是我想一睹的景色, 此行沒因壞天氣而失望, 那景致美極而且給我一點創作靈感.
 一小撮的馬尾松回家做了植物印染, 可愛羊毛氈做的牛牛是下周教學的題材.

Overview of Shui Hau Village

 Walking on the long beach
 Birds, cows....... forms the beautiful view
 Buffalo ad birds

 With a buffalo approaching me on the left
 A family... ...... a calf of a few days old
 Bird on the buffalo
 Feeding time
 Tides out
 After some time in the bay I headed to other side of the island where the casaurina caught my sight.
 Came to mind I got a little for contact prints........

 Back home immediately done a piece on silk with a few stokes of pines,  cones and onion skins.   I'm impatient.  An hour boiling can do what I want. Opened the bundle with nice outcome on silk.
 As next week I will have another wool felt session.  Students asked if I could teach them 3D animals.  Why not?   I made samples.  Cow making idea from the ones seen in the village. I cut a foam, layered wool with enclosed resist.  Some rubbing and rolling, took off the resist and stuffed with remnant from other projects.
 Stuffed full, tied with my scrap dyed with cochinael. It's done!
 My stuffed Mogi loves it.
That's the inspiration from outing.
 Contact prints from casaurina with cones are impressive.
 It may not looks like a cow, no matter it looks like a dog, it's fun to play with wool.
 In the coming weeks I'll teach a group of students to explore the versatility of wool to do some 3D objects.  Anticipating the fun sharing.
 一小撮的馬尾松回家做了植物印染, 可愛羊毛氈做的牛牛.


  1. Very nice! You get some exercise & inspiration at the same time.

  2. I think its beautiful, both creations!! So sad your hike was postponed due to rain but the enjoyment of relaxing and listening to the falling rain is also so pleasant! I can't wait to see more animal creations, Mogi looks very interested as well!

    1. Thanks Laurie. Blessing in disguise. Good to find the cows and I've just another wool felt stuffed sheep for my students' ref.

  3. A delightful creation, indeed!


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