Monday, November 16, 2015

"Dressed" the plant, walked in the bush 穿著叢林中

The wool flannel I printed last is now turned into a vest - reversible with 2-sided prints. External is wool flannel with botanical imprints while the lining is blended cotton/silk prints and dyed in cochineal which I'm not quite pleased with. 
一次又一次的植物印染實驗, 做出來的布料就是我的成衣製作.
雨後一天穿著.......走進在我山後叢林中, 發拙可有什麼葉子試驗?

It's a Friday I used to do hiking but it's raining and gloomy thus skipped it. Instead "dressed in plants" I walked in the abundant house with bush behind my area. 
I've a passion of plants, whenever I walked in the bush I would think if those plants give prints?  That's why I can't help stop doing experiments.  Have done so so many swatches! The only way is to make them into wearable. 

           Eucalyptus Cinerea is always my fav for bold prints.

 The outsider piece I don't have large enough wool fabric thus connected both sides with silk prints

The lining is fine with one whole piece
The upper part is Loropetalum Chinense (purple) and  Limonium
 I'm not by profession a fashion designer. That's the simple vest I can do with the template measured and given by Tatiana Sheverda in her workshop.  

If it's not tuned into garment, may be leave it as a hanging, anyway.


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