Sunday, August 30, 2015

Nuno felt eco printed blouse - 羊毛混纖襯衣

 This eco printed blouse is simply made with nuno felt on shoulders and neck.
 I first done the prints on a silk fabric with leaves of sumac, mandarin and euc but I was too bored with outcome.
 Found it no harm to dye in logwood pot with little bit iron
 This image is the "Before and After".  The right pic is dark shade after logwood dyed.
 Well, not quite good but an experiment. I simply made it two-folded and done with nuno felt on shoulders and extended the "turtle neck"  with wool.  The waist lines are hand stitched.
 In two hours Mogi kept my company......
It's done with his approval
 Intended to make the neck styles "fold-in" or "fold-out", just insert the collar inside to make the neckline.
                         Close up of the prints.  Looks "wore out"?

 The two styles of the neckline

Anyway a new color scheme of my eco print wearable.  


  1. The logwood does create an entirely different colour scheme - I love that lavendery-purple!

  2. I love the outcome, beautiful but the 'before' is also lovely but completely different, more watercolor......

  3. Such a great solution for transforming somewhat boring (but still beautiful) eco-print blouse to lovely lavender color. Both necklines look good for different seasons. Nicely done! Luvswool

  4. So lovely! I love the gathers on the side too! I think kitty likes it too!


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