Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Layers of natural colors 層層疊疊天然印染衣飾

I keen on experiments of different fabrics and plants. The set of wearable of the photo left are all made from natural color.  All are botanical imprints on silk fabric and the gray-blue cotton gauze from Strobilantes. 
More of individual making of the above are on my previous post 1, post 2 and post 4

Making from one piece without much cutting,  sewing or measurement is eclectic wearable.  The scarf-vest with 2 arm-hole cut off and nuno felted on neckline then a few "pearl" beading...... simply a style !
It's a light knitted silk jersey.  I bundle boiled with eucalyptus and Strobilantes (馬藍) as well a little Casaurina (馬尾松).
After 1.5 hours boiling I unwrapped it.
Direct contact of Strobilantes is quite strong and dark but the overlapped is pale purple.  This is what I intended to make.
I nuno felted the neckline with "pebbles" for textures then a few beads with a thread loop for closure that makes draping nice.

Simply a multi-styled scarf-vest
                                     A scarf or a wrap for all seasons

The set, layers of fabrics, layers of colors...... That's my eclectic making use of natural printed fabric experiment.
I fond of eco printing/dyeing. On and off I received queries from blogger and facebook friends asking how I do my works.   Here is a feature of me by a UK based lifestyle magazine.  You may like to connect my facebook and Page and ETSY.  Hope to inspire and get inspired with like-minded.
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