Thursday, May 7, 2015

Simply dress of botanical imprints 簡約植物移印染裙子

Simply a dress of botanical imprints just done yesterday.   I made it with the light silk jersey with the leaves prints done last year (post) in Israel Irit Dulman's studio.  
The rational I made this dress was that ...............
去年在以色列做的植物移印染針織絲料, 日前才把這布料製作了一件簡約單袖裙子,
原來針織絲料與羊毛混纖織物有不錯的效果, 結實的紋理, 柔軟的質感.

    I recently learnt the textures making with Tatiana Sheverda, I needed to  practise with different fabrics. From the stash I got a scrap of silk jersey and made a small sample of nuno felt.  It draps nicely,  bold textures and soft.  
 This piece of tube width silk jersey with the botanical imprints done in Israel was idled long in the stash
 The most impressive were the bold prints of the yellow flowers Camomile. 
The piece of fabric reminds the stunning fields of spring last year.
The boy and the doggie are bigger now !
 The fabric is printed with assorted eucalyptus, casaurina and camomile. Some outlines are very clear.
 A picture of the leaves layout shows the the "before and after (top left two images)". 
Since it's a tube width I simply cut one armhole, one extended short sleeve, folds on waist, loose tie knot on the shoulder armhole, machine hemmed all edges. That's it.
    Simply an airy summer dress of light silk jersey


  1. beautiful!!!! Its a lovely style, it shows off your flowing creation perfectly


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