Friday, May 22, 2015

Handmade art journal 手作美術小本

 The art journal of different wool felt skills and the pages of assorted botanical imprints. 
This is a sample booklet for my workshops of wool felt and natural prints. The pages of assorted leaves prints on various fabrics and papers for reference. The cover is mainly of textural surface.  Most colors are from my natural dyes, some leaves and papers were from friends.  That's why I treasure it.  This collection of art journal I call it "Rhythm of the Ocean".  You'll see some of the pages below.

 Leaves prints on music sheets
 First page with oak leaf from Melinda
 The yellow camellia and pines I printed in Israel  
 Paper from India from Zeinab. Euc prints on organza
 The cover of yellow is from turmeric dye
 The  texture I cut it to show the contrast.
 The back cover of "tied balls". They're dyed scraps of logwood and turmeric.
 The corner is enclosed with shells I picked in the bay near my studio
 The book is enclosed with the "broken pottery" also picked in the bay.  This piece is washed  smooth by the sea.  Believe it was a broken pot used by villagers in the bay.
 The art book pages of different color of natural prints, some direct from leaves, some cut from the scraps I printed and glued on the pages.
 Some pages with chiffon, some with organze, some with knitted jersey.
 The rose leaves with iron mordant on knitted jersey are strong while the direct print on the right paper is not the same.
 Paper dyed in logwood pot thus purple.
 Different papers with assorted prints

 This page with a dried leaf and euc print on silk
 Page with dried leaf, prints on silk and paper
 Art book of assorted prints with some blank pages for writing
 A page with cats silhouette
 A page with rose leaves on a music sheet - The Jubilee Song"
 I took shots in the same bay where I picked the broken pottery and the sea shells.
 I listened to the echo of wave
 This is my artbook - "Rhythm of the Ocean".


  1. what a journey, what a treasure!

  2. A fascinating collection, for sure!

  3. It is beautiful Terrie! I love hearing where all the different elements have come from.. x


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