Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fashion making in Holland 荷蘭之時裝實習

The two pieces of textural garments in different styles I  just made.

 My fashion making workshop last week in Holland was inspiring. The two pieces of wearable learnt from Tatiana Sheverda will be another textural garments in my wardrobe.   
上周在荷蘭 Atelier Fiberfusing 跟名師Tatiana Sheverda學習時尚羊毛工藝時裝設計, 這兩件背心設計在於其獨特質感及雙面穿著. 這次學習獲益良多, 日後我會應用這技巧創作更具質感的羊毛作物.
After the workshop held in Dorie van Dijk 's  Atelier Fiberfusing in the beautiful countryside, I'm back with lots in my plate.
 When I first received workshop info from Atelier Fibrefusing, almost impressed with the unique fashion designs of Tatiana, especially the textures.  That's why I flown from Hong Kong to Holland for the workshop.
 The elegant coat is gorgeous - color, design and textures I love most.  It's all handmade with each stitch.
 The 3-day workshop started with Tatiana's intro of textures, draping, fashion basic design and pattern making........ 
 Each day served with healthy farmers' lunch. Love the Dutch cheese which gives lots of energy!
Before coming, we're told to bring large prefelt to work for the design.
These two big pieces I made before the trip. The grey one with cotton gauze base and merino.
 This brown one with my own ecodyed chiffon base.
 I was working on the surface design with the grey prefelt.
 The pebble stones from the ground were the tools for my design.
After treatment it's air drying

 During the days, I finished the two pieces of reversible garments under the guidance of Tatiana.
Below images show the two different textures and styles.

One side of wool and the other with cotton gauze.
Same for this, the left one with chiffon on the textural surface while the other of wool.

 Draping of two textural surface

Reversible with different textures

       I just love my own textural and reversible of vests 

In the class, other students made different coats and dresses. Atelier Fiberfusing has more images to show.   Each of own style and color.  I like all of them.

Tatiana also helped us a tailor made garment block. I have the jacket / coat temple  to bring home.

I'm home now and eager to make the prefelt and textures of the "lavender theme".  They're ready to go into a jacket with my own block!

Thank you Tatiana, you're brilliant ! You laughs, cheerful character and patience made us a pleasant class and the techniques I will apply on garment and other wool felt art pieces.


  1. Your garments are very unique and creative and truly beautiful.. The other students garments were beautiful too.. The workshop looked like great fun..

  2. It sounds like a wonderfully successful workshop!

  3. I find it amazing that you have traveled the world to help enrich your love of the craft you do so well. It is good to be able to take back more knowledge for more creativity. I can see that you are enjoying yourself and still making beautiful things. I am sorry it has taken me so long to check up on what is happening here. I need to go back about 2 months on all my friend's blogs and read up on what they have been doing. Love your pretty things. One question though, if you need to wash a piece because it gets soiled how do you go about that?
    ((HUGS)) Susanne

  4. I go back in time and read to February when I last saw your blog, to the post where you had your lovely giveaway scarf. My, my, but all you have been doing since this present time has just blown me away. You are one busy woman, I always love what you do with your scarves and enjoy your workshops with others. Love it all. If I was not so busy with all the things I do I would jump right in and try my hand at this. Instead I will cherish the scarf you sent me way back at another time.
    Love you friend,
    Susanne :)

    1. Susanne, thank you so much for stopping by and read from Feb till now. Yes for the last three months I was so indulged in my creativity and travels. Life is full, can't complain.
      Wish you all is fine.

  5. Kamizele wyszły świetnie. Podoba mi się najbardziej szara.


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