Monday, May 11, 2015

Blue and purple from the same green leaves 同一種葉的綠、藍、紫印染

 Purple tone from the same green leaves........
 I made the imprints from the same green leaves to purple in my lazy way........

 Traditional indigo blue from sorts of plants like Strobilantes by making vat but I only have some leaves barely for imprints.
 Two years ago I was fortunate to be invited to join the French expert  Michel Garcia's workshop in Hong Kong (last post). The indigo blue vat was made from the local Strobilantes,  the exact name I can't recall.  After the event the farm owner was so kind to give me a small plant to grow.
Now it's thriving and I've been doing experiments for a few times in the non-traditional way.
兩年前參與法國專家 Michel Garcia 的天然植物染後 (當日網誌), 綠田園農莊給我的馬藍已很茁壯生長, 不時我會做些簡單試驗, 近日以加熱移印法做出紫色調是我的新嘗試 .
 This is the species of Strobilantes.  If anyone knows the exact name I'm glad to know.
 Usually I only do fermentation then soak the fabric for sometime to get the greenish blue
 Sometimes do pounding for the marks on cotton.
 This day hit my mind to try boiling, to my surprise I got pink-purple.
Here're the "Before & After" images of the two printed fabrics.
 I washed with soap immediately, no color change, no breeding.  The same strong.

The dark prints are leaves direct on fabric while the pale from mirror prints,.  Both are bold.
 Even the overlapped prints are quite impressive
 The two pieces are silk

 This is the mirror print
 Just wrap for a look
 The other piece I made it into a blouse
 Simply two waist lines and waist tie for the easy styles

Two pieces of purple shades botanical imprints from Strobilantes

Strobilantes are magic plant for me.  I don't have much to make the indigo vat, I just take a few leaves to print, I'm lazy but content with the outcome.


  1. Beautiful results with this plant, Terriea!

    1. Thank you Merike. It's a surprise out of green.

  2. That bluey-green is gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous results. Did you mordant the silk first? I have woad leaves in my freezer from last year that I was going to experiment with. Hoping for good results like this.

    I have indigo seeds sent to me from Michel's garden that I will be starting. Is your plant indoors or outdoors?

    1. Janice,
      My plant is outdoor and no mordant for my silk beforehand. Hope you have a good experiment. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Strobilantes cusia �� beautiful and gorgeous results

    1. Thanks Titik. Strobilantes is amazing.


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