Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ruffle scarf wth botanical imprints 植物印染混纖圍巾

The day I sourced fabrics for the upcoming workshop with the NGO volunteers, I asked the shop owner to give me a scrap for testing.  As my practice I must do experiments before the workshop taking place just to make sure the fabric works.
 I  simply tested it with onion skins, euc and rose leaves.  It works.  The scrap is a small sample but I wanted to make it  a nice nuno felt ruffe scarf.
每一次我買新布料做植物移印染我都要做一小片實驗, 確保其可行性, 那天與志願機構準備課堂, 如是的做一小片, 然後以羊毛混薄纱做了一件波浪邊圍巾.
I just laid merino wool along the margin with little mulberry silk on both ends to have a bit lustrous.
I like olive oil bar soap and absorbable towel, just to rub the bar and squeeze water.  Olive oil soap is lubricating and not much soapsuds.  It works so well for me.
The tiny flower is onion imprints with nuno felt textural surface.
                                                    Easy styles of a ruffle scarf (or a collar)

               A small loop for closure and the ruffle edges
"Oh, mum, spring has sprung and we're into summer.  Do I need a scarf? It's hot!"
"Wool is mum's second second. Be it winter or summer it's always with mum !"

"Well, it's now my canopy in the sunny day."


  1. lovely blue and prints...Moji is so proud of mama. Have a good trip

  2. It's beautiful Terrie! Love the asymmetrical shape xx

  3. Lovely. The blue helps to bring the other colours to life, doesn't it!

  4. the imprints from plants are beautiful and the blue in this piece is amazing, Mogi makes such a lovely model,,, presents your work beautifully!


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