Monday, April 27, 2015

Goodbye the beautiful Netherlands 別了花之國度 - 荷蘭

After feeding myself in the cozy farm house Boerderij Bouwlust, I grasped the last morning in the beautiful farm surrounding. What a sunny and warm Monday holiday. It's King's Day - Dutch Royal is always respected and welcome. A day to celebrate by all means.
I followed Marie-Jose and the baby sheep....
to feed the cute one....
I strolled along the river bank from one side to the other. Wherever I'm travelling in Europe, churches in a town or village are always my direction to find the location. Here in Nes aan de Amstel, the countryside only 20km from the airport is where my master class of fashion and my farmhouse B&B located. My last stop in Holland is fruitful with the techniques I learnt, the design of Tatiana Sheverda is brilliant. She's amazing and well managed to teach us all personal projects. Her cheerful character made us so pleasant. Dorie van Dijk's Atelier Fibrefusing is such a spacious and well equipped studio for learning. With all day filled breverage, cakes and yummy farmer lunch....... we all immersed in the environment.  My projects done in three days.  This is the first piece.
A final touch up
Tatiana helped my fitting
All done ! The trendy, unique and textural vest of my design under the guidance of Tatiana.
It is two-sided
Since it's mainly done with local pebbles I also fixed it with pebbles picked on the ground for the buttons. A good keepsake of my learning here.

My final leg in Holland is such a fruitful trip with friendship, techniques and impressive views.
I'm heading family and my Mogi are expecting me.....
Goodbye Amsterdam......
Goodbye the little furry ones....
Goodby the mama-to-be.....  She's expecting delivery in a few days.  May be next time I'm here to see the big furry family again........


  1. Hello Terriea, your own design is very lovely and I love the two colors. Truly beautiful.. Holland is a beautiful place indeed.

  2. Good to see you've had such a great trip. Safe journey home!

    1. Thanks Rachel. I'm home with loads of good memory.

  3. It's wonderful that you had such a great trip. I really love the vest you have designed. It is beautiful!

  4. Your jacket design looks great. Another well-planned and special trip with lots of surprises too! yes, almost time to see Mogi and the rest of the family!! xx

    1. Ginny, this time of travel to Europe is good and my combination of leisure and learning was a bonus. Thanks for following through my journey.


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