Saturday, April 18, 2015

Days in a Europe - Hungarian colors 匈牙利的色彩

Days in Hungary were bright, colourful and cheerful with friends.
In the village Nagykovacsi, 15 km away from Budapest where my friend Betti lives in, I spent three days with her and interacted with our passions of wool felt and eco prints. She's very creative in wool felt and learnt intensively the traditional making. She's quite interested in my way of natural prints and textural nuno felted surface technique. Apart from taking sometime to view little village, I was happy to share with a bunch of lovely ladies the botsnical imprints technique.
These prints with onion skins, rose leaves and little euc are simply an intro.
Just two hours before my leaving, I showed Betti the making of a sample of textural 3D surface with the scraps of the natural prints made the day before.
With the chiffon as a base, I put some merino wool, curly fleece, mulberry silk, assorted scraps of silk, chiffon to make the textures.
Here's the layout
Some rubbing, rolling, scrabbling..........
Less than an hour all done - the flowers look with the previous day onion dyed scraps. 
Outcome speak themselves........

The days I came in Hungary in blue skies, the day I left a blue scarf - the intangible friendship with interaction.
Thank you for hosting me Betti, thanks for the lovely days with your family.
The sweet boys and girl as well the lovely cats are all in my memory.
I left Hungary by the coach back to Slovakia and stay again with lovely Layla for another time. Fun days ahead.......


  1. Thanks for sharing pictures! ! Hava a nice trip

  2. Absolutely beautiful prints! Safe travels. Have fun in Slovakia. xx


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