Sunday, March 8, 2015

Botanical imprints fun share 植物移印染分享

 My 24-hour weekend was filled with color and friendship.  Sunday today with the two scarfs fresh from the dye pot, I enjoyed so much the homemade bread from my ex-colleague Florence.
Yesterday was annual dinner gathering with some good ex-colleagues.  Before dinner I invited Florence to share my "secret" botanical imprints.   I showed her the basic method before but I like to treat her the making with some shades.
 The piece of silk scarf she unwrapped after 2 hours boiling
 Imprints with rose petals, rose leaves, assorted euc, casaurina and loropetalum

 Florence's finished scarf.
She gave me another silk fabric to make the prints.  Can't wait to do early this morning.  They're finished and photos speak themselves........ 

 One with rich layout of all euc. A mix of most red and a few green.
 I like this sort of small euc, so delicate.
 Another piece with layout of a few groups

 Euc, casaurina and a few oak leaves
 The Before & After comparison
 The two scarfs of same tone of pink and euc

 They're ready to send off to the owner. Sounds that my work without Mogi is not approved. A cat around is more than a home.  Thanks for Danelle's souvenir.

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  1. Looking good - that pink is surprising, isn't it!


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