Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sign of Spring botanical prints 春天不遠矣

 We're into Feb and Lunar New Year falls on the 19th, that means spring is in the corner. My botanical prints should be thriving with golden color or brighter.
已經立春了, 農曆年下星期就到了, 聽到春天的步伐嗎 ?  我的植物移印染也該有春日萌芽的金黃嫩綠吧 ! 因此用了兩片不同絲質料放上不同桉樹葉 (尤加利), 橡樹葉與桔葉作的效果.
 So I made two pieces prints with assorted eucalyptus, mandarin leaves and oak leaves. One piece of gorgette silk and the other is Thai silk.

Oak is always my fav. Love it's shape and brown color.

 Eucalyptus cinerea never a fail.
 With the branch bark and the leaves made the outlines
 The down side of oak leaf is always a good print
 Two sorts of eucalyptus
 Euc cinerea gives more bright yellow on Thai silk
 Mandarin leaves of little green and euc cinerea of yellow are not bad.  Mogi is quite pleased with the outcome.
I thank so much for my friend Melinda brought me the ingredients for the yummy prints.


  1. The euc cinera gives such a bright colour, doesn't it!

  2. Glad Mogi is pleased! Lovely that melinda is visiting! And of course am interested in and like these prints--golden yellow and others..

    1. Thank you Ginny. Melinda and I had a nice get together though only a day, too short but precious.

  3. Beautiful !!! In my oak leaves do not want to bounce back, I do not know what I'm doing is not as it should be ....: - ((

  4. One thing for sure, no matter what you make and what design you lay out on your fabric, the results will always be one of a kind and never a duplicate. I guess that is what I find so amazing about these beautiful things you make Terriea.
    Susanne :)

    1. Thank you Susanne. Eco print is such a magic particularly botanical imprints. For me is never ending.

  5. Beautiful! And very spring-like :)


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