Monday, October 6, 2014

"Worry Doll" - worry free purse 忘憂娃娃手袋

My another creation of mixed media purse of story. 
 A wool felt bag made with wet felt process, enhanced with botanical imprints, a small piece of hemp with embroidery and stitches outlines of leaves.
一個多媒體創作的手袋 - 結合羊毛濕氈, 植物印染與刺繡技巧的製作. 
完成這件手袋很花時但也很享受創作的過程. 手袋刺繡面是 "忘憂娃娃" , 另一面是 "山坡上的柏樹"
The purse making took some days to finish.  I enjoyed every step of my creation.

I used Finn and Icelandic wool fleece to make the the purse. Intentionally to leave the space to insert my hemp embroidery
Tried the space for my hand embroidery of hemp.  It fits well.
Then placed the assorted leaves on both sides.  The theme still the Tuscany landscape.  A few casaurina,  rose leaves and eucalyptus.
Bundle boiled for 1.5 hours in turmeric  pot
To bring out the clear outlines I further stitched along the khaki leaves.
The embroidery hemp is my imaginary picture of "Worry Doll & Sheep" - a boy and a girl with two sheep in the field.
Handles with botanical imprints
Cotton lining with two pockets
Both sides of different images
The hemp embroidery of "Worry Doll" I meant it as "worry free" - a person who cannot sleep can express the worries to the dolls.
A purse  for whatever purposes.
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  1. Obłędna torba tak w druku jak i hafcie.

  2. It's lovely. A great success!

  3. I love the embroidery detail on the bag - it's beautiful. you amaze me again Terriea!

  4. beautiful piece of work. nice to see the developing process and very inspiring! thank you


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