Monday, October 13, 2014

Nuno felt simply multi-style shawl 百變羊毛混纖被肩

Last Sat I went to a wedding banquet. Such a great time for catching up with good mates.  My friend's knitted multi-style shawl inspired my creation.  She lent me the shawl and I made a nuno felt wearable based on the style with a bit change.   A one piece simply multi-style shawl - wrap - scarf - skirt wrap is made........
日前參加好友婚宴, 席間其中友人的針織被肩百變款式吸引我, 朋友建議我嘗試做, 我以羊毛混纖技巧加小許變化做了這款多變被搭款式的被肩, 亦可作外套或裙子穿著.

The top pic is a black knitted shawl my friend lent me for ref.
The other pic is the silk chiffon I made with eco print (rust and leaves) used for this nuno felt base.

I  made the neck (collar) a little cobweb look
After laying merino wool, mulberry silk and some blend silk & wool over the chiffon, then some hundreds back & forth rolling.....
I made this black/grey nuno felt shawl.
A basic shawl with seamless short sleeves and long draping that makes it reversible multi-style wearable art

                                                       A wrap

                                                                         A shawl in different styles

A reversible outfit, one side of merino wool, the other side of earthy eco prints

A little lustre of mulberry silk

                                                               Tied with a nuno felt flower brooch make it a skirt wrap

                                                 Be it a shawl, a wrap, a skirt, an outfit........ a wearable art piece........
Light and floating in the air.  
Sometimes friends catching up really a good inspiration for the making.  
Thank you Ada and Lisa for the brilliant idea.


  1. Gorgeous Terriea! You make such beautiful felt. I love it all.

  2. Lovely And two in one....great design...

  3. Wow! I'm speechless! Gorgeous! :)

  4. What an astonishing piece of work!

    1. Another experiment for me. Thank you Rachel.

  5. I take a bit of time to roam my favorite blogs while I do laundry. I thank you for coming to visit, for being a faithful friend. I love to see what you are doing that is new. Like the colors, so rich and very formal looking this new design piece you create. You are very talented Terriea.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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