Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tuscany inspired eco printed wool shawl 植物印染羊毛被肩

 Thinking of Tuscany, my mind recalled the scenery of lined cypress on the undulating hills.  I used the simple strokes of casaurina and a few rose and euc leaves to make the eco prints on the wool sheet and turned it into shawl-vest. 
意大利托斯卡尼柏樹散佈於鄉野間, 曲折蜿蜒形成優美的景象.
 我以一些桉樹葉, 玫瑰葉及幾條馬尾松以植物印染技巧在羊毛絨上做出我的 "托斯卡尼" 主題被肩背心.
 Landscapes of Tuscany is brilliant no matter day and night.  The scenic views around my friend's medieval town Sarteano
 Since returned from Italy a week, I've made a few eco prints and wool felt stuff with the theme of cypress.
 I put the casaurina, rose leaves and assorted euc leaves on wool sheet
 Bundled and boiled in turmeric pot for 1.5 hours then added logwood chips into the pot to make the dye a bit darker yellow.
 Unbundled it...... as expected....
 Let it dry on the floor with sunshine ....... 
We're into fall, quite a crispy day and all dried in no time.
 I cut the wool sheet two arm holes and lined with my dyed silk straps.
 All done in a day
 I dance I wrap myself ........
 My Tuscany dream realised.  I put my feet into the scenic region and got inspired by the brilliant views.  This is the theme of "cypress"  multi- styled shawl.
 Slip into arm holes make it a vest

 Or casual wrap or drape

 The tie lines are striking

 Simply a wearable of my "Tuscany dream"
After the shawl prints, another project is in the make.  My plate is full, can't help myself.  Any way a break is need.
Until next time.


  1. you are an amazing artist and designer! Beautiful creations!

  2. What a lovely Tuscan landscape!

  3. Landscape idea is brilliant ... I can see the likeness with Tuscany ....I have followed your work for a while and find it inspirational

  4. Once again your talent shines through and your artistic eye has captured your journey! What an awesome piece of art! So inspirational as well as beautiful! I can only imagine all that is going through your head with wanting to put it to wool and silk! No wonder your jet lag has kept you tired, your brain is so full of what you have absorbed and you can hardly wait to play it all out on your silk! Love, Love Love!

    1. Thank you Dawn. You're so sweet and your words mean a lot to me. Yes the Europe trip particularly Tuscany landscapes are inspiring and I did get brilliant ideas. Now seems jet lag adjusted but still my head is full of crazy ideas. I want to do this to do that....... I'm so happy that you like following my blog. Hugs

  5. I m honoured that our area inspired such masterpieces! You will have to come back again for more inspiration. They are all absolutely gorgeous

  6. I love the shawl-vest...what a great idea! Xx


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