Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Goodbye Tuscany, Ciao Sarteano 別了意大利

My 9-day trip in Italy was brimming with fabulous food, stunning views and awesome friendship. The last day in the medieval hill top town ended today.
For Hong Kong people, Italy is renowned for shopping but the brilliant Tuscany scenery is my cup of tea.
My friends' medieval house located in the village is artistic
"Portoncello" is the name of the house, from there......
Early sunrise to start a day.......
Beautiful sunset to end the day 
That's life of living, tranquility and simplicity 
My last day of lunch ended with the typical Italian food in the balcony. My stay in my friend June's house was inspiring and fun, not only I can enjoy their style of living, I was delighted to share the common of interest. We worked together to experiment the fun of Eco printing and wool felting.
We tried the local leaves for Eco printing, some euc, some grapes, rose and oak leaves.
We shared the techniques of nuno felting
Prints and dyes on silk scarf 
Prints on paper
Mittens and warmer making and dyeing
Nuno felt shawl with textural surface.  June said that it looks like galaxy, planet. I said we name it "Universal".

June you're amazing and artistic. You made such beautiful items. I was so happy we shared the fun and creativity.

Thank you June and Dick, you made my stay in your house so memorable.
Your lovely Vespina was fanatic to warm my bed almost every night before me!
Today I'm leaving for England for another visits then to Holland for a couple of days to meet my admired artists.
Goodby my friends in Italy, Ciao !


  1. Your journey has been so beautiful and wonderful and I thank you so much for sharing it with me as well as others. Enjoy the next leg of your trip. Love & Blessings, Dawn & Violet Rose

    1. Thank you Dawn for your spiritual travel with me. I'm here in Europe always thinking of you. If some day we can do in your State would be lovely too.

  2. lt would be hard to leave such a quiet and peaceful spot. I am sure where you live in Hong Kong it is so very busy and a bustling city with so much activity. When I first got married I lived on a busy street and there were lots of big semi trucks. It was noisy but after awhile it was hardly noticed at all. Your friend made a beautiful and colorful scarf with deep colors. Back to England for you with more to see and enjoy. Thank you for sharing this trip with us.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  3. Oh yes Susanne, living in such brilliant village will feel the calm and blessed. Thank you for following through.

  4. A wonderful visit - and what a lovely place your friend lives in !

    1. Yes Rachel, it is one of the beautiful places I visited.

  5. Terriea, come back, we miss you! Glad you enjoyed your stay with us and we certainly appreciated your energy and willingness to share experiences. Wow, you really got me to work. So now, I am experimenting

    1. I'm so delighted to share the skills and fun of Eco print as well wool felting in your stunning environment. Do wish I could come again. Thank you so much for your hospitality.

  6. With some more eco printing ....slightly different to what you explained so I am anxious to see the outcome but I on.y have to wait a few more minutes.


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