Friday, September 19, 2014

Botanical imprinted wool shawl 植物印染被肩

 Multi-styled wool shawl of botanical imprints of assorted leaves just made from......

the thriving euc leaves from my friend's yard, the oldest oak leaves trimmed on the way and the unknown leaves from the farm house I stayed plus a little euc from florist.........

 A few pieces of the leaves laid on the wool sheet, boiled in logwood bath for 1.5 hours.  Here came the "before & after"

 The fine euc give the bold red prints is a rare sort.  Oak leaves of brown and the little green of euc plus the logwood blue & purple tie marks, that's the combination I wanted.
 Close up of the prints

 The wool sheet printed, arm holes cut and lined to make a shawl

 That's the casual, multi-styled wool shawl made with the leaves of my last Europe travels.


  1. It is beautiful Terriea! Did you use a mordant for the leaves?

  2. What a beautiful memory to wear of your trip!

  3. The purple - logwood? - looks gorgeous!

  4. Your pallet is endless with the leaves and ideas you use. Every one is remarkable and unique, one of a kind and special. Sorry I have not been here to see what you have been doing. Have had a terrible cold to keep me down and out. Had to go to doctor after 5 days of suffering. I read up to about half your trip, will have to go back and see what else you did.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  5. Your botanical prints are absolutely stunning!


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