Monday, June 2, 2014

Eco printed art book making 植物印染小本子製作

Just made two eco printed art books.
  I took the long weekend to stay in the studio for shots on Sat.

A breezy walk along the promenade 

Sunset and lights on

The main street lined with bars ready for clubbing

The two guests next..... while I was having my super.

Back to my studio I thought this art book cover should have some enhancement.......

Some stitches, knots add textures look and touches. 

Next day, a brilliant Sunday,  walked to the other sandbar.

Sampan needs a rest

Cool in the water
My two books already done

Here's the making..... 
I printed the leaves marks on paper by boiling, coptic binding papers, wool felted the book cover, boiled with eucalyptus and tied boiling in logwood pot.  Books with some printed papers and some blank for writing.
An art book enclosed with my handmade ceramic button -  jot down where I am.
Today Monday is our traditional "Dragon Boat Festival". I'll stay in my tiny studio and feel the ambiance of the dragon boat racing in the beach....... will continue to do some more stitches on the hemp - peace of mind.


  1. The books look lovely, and I will be intrigued to follow your stitching on the hemp.

    1. Rachel, I have just finished the hemp stitches. A small piece, will be added to a wool felt Hanford purse, going to make it sometime lasher.

  2. Hello Terriea, I always look forward to seeing your lovely creations in wool. Your Eco printed Art Books are very beautiful. The stitching on them look lovely..all your photos of your world are great. I enjoyed the tour. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Judy

    1. Thanks Judy. Stitching for me is the free motion, I do knots mostly. Not knowledgeable for others. Thanks for stopping by.


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