Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pine and Bottle Brush prints 針松與串錢柳印染

Last year I tried the bottle brush (Callistemon Viminalis 串錢柳)on silk, it gives purple. I was wondering how it looks on boiled wool.  The day before I done a piece but not quiet nice and I've to remake with brighter euc leaves. 

This is how it looks after I put a few orange euc.  The background purple is the bottle brush shade only.

I made three groups on a boiled wool with the leaves picked on the day I strolled along the river.

Already April, it's still spring here in Hong Kong.  Sprouts with vivid colours.
Me, busy as the egret, looking for something...... walked and walked......

Spring - carpet of flowers, refreshed my sights.

Finally found the bottle brush.  I picked a few home.
Before and after pictures comparison.
The top picture,  three groups of leaves, all are with casaurina, the left one with bottle brush, others without but with a marigold.  After an hour boiling, the outcome was not very good, I then put the euc to bring out some color.
The "before and after" of the one with bottle brush.  The final added euc got a bit orange color.

So I found that bottle brush is no good on wool but only on silk.  
Quite rich patterns with Casaurina and euc. Casaurina on boiled wool is my fav so far.


  1. what a beautiful place to stroll, I love that you compared to the Egret!!! The placement of your plants madea lovely design, beautiful,

  2. Hello Terriea, you are having so much fun experimenting with lovely flowers and leaves. They all are unique and pretty. I enjoyed seeing your carpet of Spring flowers. The lavender color is beautiful. The bottlebrush flower are also gorgeous. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Judy

    1. Purple. I love. The carpet of spring flowers was an accidental find on the way. Nature is of beauty !

  3. You must have pages of notes, by now, of what does and doesn't work!

  4. Every time something new is an adventure in finding the natural materials to play with and then adding your special touch to make it unique. I am so glad you are having fun.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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