Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Natural printed artbook making 手作小本子

Nowadays in the digital era, wondering if people still like to make notes or write diary on paper. Since encountered botanical imprints and wool felt, I'm really into such artwork. Making art journal is a pretty creation. This artbook pages are made with abundant envelope papers and printed with windfalls around my area.
當今數碼年代, 還有多少人喜用紙質筆記部? 親手做一本有葉子印染, 自己釘裝的小本子, 用以記載旅途點滴是我明日遠行去以色列交流的行裝之一.
Pages are mixed with light prints of rose leaves and blank pages for writing.  In between inserted with nice prints to have some pages outstanding.  The clear outlines due to iron mordant.

Nuno felt cover textures inspired by waves of our beach.

Extract of making.
After making the nuno felt cover with wool & silk fabric of own printed leaves, I inserted some  printed and some blank pages to make a few signatures.  Made the holes and coptic binded.

Finished  with glass beads embellished

Inside cover, first page..... last page... 

Completed with the local coral, tied with Teeswater raw fleece

A secret book or whatever it serves

Art journal for my next tripl.  

Travels from here the South China Sea to the other continent. A walk in the beach of Mediterranean?  Dead Sea or Galille?

Last week I went to Lamma Island for shots.  My foreign bloggers may not know  we have such tranquil views other than the fascinating urban.

The girl found my journal unique and admired the pages of prints while I took the shots

Today I'm on the beautiful beaches and greenery of Hong Kong, tomorrow I'll be in the Mediterranean walking on the promising land of Israel, for workshops, interaction and meeting friends.

 I'll be back with new creation.  Lots to share.
Until next time.
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  1. oh Terrie , such beautiful Art, the journal is amazing!! You do live an adventuresome life!!! I can't wait to see what comes next!!!

  2. I think people are becoming more keen on the old ways of making notes!

  3. Your nuno felted journal cover is very beautiful. Happy travels and keep safe. I will look forward to what you create at your workshop. Hugs judy


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