Monday, February 10, 2014

Woolly bag making 寒冬做暖袋

Can't believe we're into Feb still embracing the freezing days.  Normally after Chinese New Year it's spring but weather forecast we're below 9 C this week.  Really chilly for us in the sub-tropical region Hong Kong. My woolly bag made two years ago draws eye balls wherever I'm.   Actually I haven't taught open class this sort of bag before since the curly fleece is pricey so fee for learning is steep.  Also much water is needed,  indoor making will be a mess. I can only do in my open yard for private tutorial on special request.

 Enthusiastic student Sammy came to my home studio right after work in a chilly weekday night.
We did from inside out.  We used my own natural printed fabric lining for strong backing. 
Wool layered on side A, then side B, both with fabric backing.
After 3 layers of Finn wool.....
Another layer of assorted raw fleece of Finn, Teeswater, Wensleydale, Romney.......
Started the rubbing, "rock n roll"......
Almost done in 3-4  hours.  
 A wild fleece woolly bag is completed with handles attached. Carrying it  just like cuddling a sheep.   If not warm enough.......
Cuddle my fluffy......
Fluffy Mogi said "Mum just made me the wild fleece bed sheet I'm warm enough, and you......?"
Friends stay warm, I can hear the steps of spring, not far away.


  1. Hello Terriea, I can only Dream of Spring at this moment. Hopefully you all Spring will come sooner.. Your wooly bag is most gorgeous. I wish I could take classes from you. YOU are such a talented teacher. Hugs Judy

    1. Thanks Judy. You're just being kind. Know that MI is snowing. Stay warm my dear.

  2. At least felting seems to be active enough to help you keep warm!

  3. Keep warm, Terriea! We don't have winter over here, but watching the news about this cold weather makes my spine shiver!

  4. I can see why that bag is something people are curious about, it is unique and very different, definitely something that you aren't going to find on a shelf in any old store. I am so tired of winter. We are just 1/2 inch away from the record breaking snow of 74 inches. It seems all I do is shovel snow and it has left me wore out.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. Oh dear, I watch TV how freezing is your place. We're having the coldest Feb also, though 7C I feel chilly. Tomorrow I'll have two more students coming for the woolly bag making. Yap, very chic and warm with wool bag ! Stay warm and take care.


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