Thursday, February 6, 2014

Natural print art book 手作小本子

The little art book I printed,  I made with my heart -  a keepsake for someone.

I made the leaf prints on the discarded conqueror letter heads by sandwich boiling for an hour.  After dried, made to 6 signatures.

Bound to an art book of 60 pages

Both front and bottom covers with smaller prints on used envelopes. 
The left piece, sort of euc leaves  covered with iron mordant fabric scrap thus has dark outline while the right one, dried oak leaf from the US, dipped in iron water thus has the charcoal print look.

This nuno felt piece is a demo sample I done in  the front of a class for the different silk fabrics texture effect.  

Size perfect to cover the signatures to make it an art book

"Endorsed" with my own made ceramic button "tk".

Pages are mainly of rose leaves with others I picked behind my apartment. 
Intended to insert blank pages for writing.

Pages with prints are not bold for visible writing.

Back cover prints

An art book with nuno felt cover of textural touch, tied with ceramic button.

Pages mixed with blank & prints for writing.

A little art book for someone we crossed the career path .....

even now I turned my career page who still supports me.....


  1. really like your book, thanks for sharing it

  2. Many steps to make this, terries..and no help from Mogi?! Lovely book and photos.

    1. Ginny, know you miss my fluffy. I'll have him helped next post. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. It's charming - well done indeed!

  4. Gorgeous art book! I love to make books as you can see on my blog
    I have tea dyed paper but have never tried making prints with leaves before the pages come out so beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Alyson :o)

    1. Thank you Alyson. I see your books are gorgeous. Love the tea marks of shabby chic. They're amazing.

  5. Terri, your work is so beautiful! I love the eco printing and use of natural and recycled materials. Your artistic flair with the camera adds so much to your display. Just lovely!

    1. Thank you Sunny. There're lots of stuff can be upcycled and made it unique. Nature is full of natural resources. Thanks for stopping by

  6. A beautiful book Terrie! Very interesting seeing the different effects from using different iron mordant techniques


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