Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My cup of tea - Teapot making 我愛這杯茶

Mogi, "hey, this is Mum's cup of tea."

 Right after my workshop learning the wool felt teapot making from Pamela A. MacGregor (Tarvey Cottage Studio) a month ago, I really hooked in the creation and made a few as practice.
 自上月從美國 Pamela A. MacGregor 學會製作很特別技巧的立體羊毛茶壺, 回來後我樂此不疲的做了幾款, 為的是練習及尋找羊毛的可塑性. 終於找到我這杯茶........
This one was made in Pamela's studio, the first one I learnt in early winter in Ohio. Intended to make it with little green and a sprout to expect spring.  Know it's snow storm and everywhere covered with inches of snow.  The grasses are now frozen !
Got inspired by Suzanne Higgs I made two teapots with lace.  Well, they felted and clear on white.

This pair of "black & white" are tiny.  I'm quite happy to work with this size.
This one,  Aladdin teapot.  Idea came from Judy L.  She gave me this little souvenir after her trip to Dubai.  I put some silk strings and yarns for decoration.

This set made earlier with some Wenslaydale curly fleece to have textural surface.

This purple one I made with some yarns embellished to have the look of "lavender field"

Stopper with Wenslaydale curly fleece and embellished with glass beads.

Though wool teapots are not functional, I made them for fun.   This one the mouth is a bit bigger, I put a jam jar inside as flower pot.

Smaller one for a rose

"Hmmmmm, fragrance I love....  I know it's mum's cup of tea"

Aladdin  teapot with removal stopper 

Making teapot is absolutely wonderful.  I love the little sturdy objects, love the versatility of 3D making, embellishment and the combination with fibres and fabrics. 

I really enjoyed so much the workshop with Pam.  Her techniques are awesome, her studio is wonderful.  Here's my previous post about the studio.
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  1. Saw these on Facebook and came for a closer look - they are awesome.

  2. Replies
    1. Wonderful technique you'll takeaway after the workshop.

  3. Absolutely beautiful teapots. Your cat is also very pretty.

  4. Lovely to see the tea pots glad you were able to take that workshop with Pam.. I see that Mogi appreciates as usual, your choices of objects to make!

    1. Thanks Ginny. My great reward of learning in 2013 with Pam.

  5. They look beautiful Terri, I love the way you just get stuck in and try lots of things :)

  6. Wonderful - those teapots are enchanting!

  7. These are so original and wonderful!!!! I absolutely love them and The Alladin lamp teapot is so cute! They are all different and very beautiful. Well done as always Terri!

  8. I've been out of blogging for quite some time... now I'm back and I must say I am ASTOUNDED!!! by these teapots!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!


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