Monday, January 13, 2014

An Autumn's Tale 秋天的童話

Theme of autumn - a teapot I made with the color of autumn - the birches, yellow, red....  Added to the set of woolly teapot (last post)
茶煲 (trouble),  sampan, "Table for two" ..... 可會想起 "秋天的童話"? 好浪漫的電影. 謝謝 Sammy S. 你給我創作泉源. 很喜歡我的朋友及學生不時給予靈感. 我的羊毛氈茶壺已有春、夏、秋,下次將會是冬的主題.
I used to make ceramic teapots.  Now I almost hooked to wool felt.  Last weekend I stayed overnight in my studio. Buried myself in the creation. That's me must have it finished overnight.

Wool laid with some prefelt birch trunks, stones and wool nepps as grasses.  Handle is wrapped with own natural printed silk chiffon.  Soft look of dry wool is always prettier than felted.
To make the yellow leaves textures I used Melinda's Wenslaydale curly wool which is my treasure.
With trunks, stones prefelts that make the textural surface.
I made the mouth bigger for storage and the stopper with some prefelts as popped up seedpod.

Finished looks
A teapot or a flower pot is finished overnight

The next day I took it to the beach near my studio for the shots.
Just a 10-min walk the beach near my Stanley studio is such a nice spot as not too crowded.

Stones, sands, water...... form the backdrop ........

and comes the "Autumn's Tale"......

"A table for two..... "

A sampan..... 
That's the very romantic Chinese love movie "An Autumn's Tale" reminded by my student Sammy S.  This is what I created last weekend.
I love my students and friends who always inspired my creation.  I love my studio environment not only of stunning views but also have like-minded.  The day I finished shooting I bumped into my neighbor Zeinab and her sweetie Layla.  

Zeinab joined my nuno felt private tutorial once and very interested in feltmaking.  I'm most happy to share the fun of wool felt.  We'd a nice chat over coffee with her gorgeous sweet after the shot.
Set of teapots - Spring with sprout, Summer with lavender, Autumn with birches. Theme of winter will be next creation.


  1. Is beautiful, the Birch and the Autumn colors are spot on! What a clever and unique idea, the photo of the little girl is so cute!

    1. Thanks Laurie. Always thinking of you if I see or do birches. Your painting is amazing. The picture is on my wall.

  2. Замечательный, красивый чайник! Браво!

  3. The tea pot is stunning, you did a fantastic job.


  4. It's charming, and photographing it against the boat worked really well!

  5. I am just now getting to visit some of my friends. We had terrible arctic freeze last week and think I have finally thawed out. Brrrrrrrr, I do not hate winter, but do not like it that cold. I am in awe of your teapots Terrie. You are like me, I have stayed up many times through the night working on something I just wanted to be done with. Sometimes it is just to much fun to stop working on it to go to bed.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  6. I think I love this teapot most than all the others...They are all beautiful but this is stunning!

  7. Thats a gorgeous little tea pot Terri xo

  8. Very sweet wee tea pot. I didn't consider that there would be a beach like that in Hong Kong! Lovely.


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