Thursday, December 26, 2013

Logwood dye to Paverpol craft 布藝人型

Paverpol - craft making with textile - I've not  made nor even heard before.   When I was in Canada early this month for the natural print workshop, my host Sharon G was so kind to teach me to make the statue.  Yesterday I made this "Purple Fair Lady" with the logwood dyed fabric. 
Paverpol 一樣很特別的手工藝物料, 在香港我沒有接觸過也找不到材料的製作, 月前在加拿大Sharon 教我做了下列兩個公仔擺設, 回港後我自行製作了這款我稱之為  Purple Fair Lady, 因為是用紫色的布料, 那絲質料是在加拿大以 logwood 染色的, 
這次回來我買了 Paverpol 及 logwood染料, 這些獨特以布料浸上 Paverpol定型的公仔會是我日後做 nuno felt 華麗裙子的 model
I made these two statues while I was in Canada Sharon's studio
Back home I made this "Purple Fair Lady"
Paverpol is sort of craft we cut strips from cotton T-shirt (used is fine) and soak the strips in the hardener (Paverpol) then wrap around the body, frame made with wire.  The body then covered with fabrics.  Since I may not find  Paverpol supplies in Hong Kong,  I bought two cans from Sharon.
The day before I departed Canada I also bought the logwood dye and alum.  All together with cans of Paverpol I put in my baggage.  When I claimed luggage on arrival I found my suitcase was forced opened.   I found inside the baggage the "Notice of Baggage Inspection".  Looks if some suspected drugs inside!  Fortunately all in good status. 
 Sara Felts and Ginny H. gave me some silk fabrics in Canada.  I printed with some leaves and dyed in logwood pot there.  I made the "Purple Fair Lady"  with the purple silk.
Here's how I made it.
Made the frame with wire, soaked cotton strips in black Paverpol,  mummy wrapped with cotton strips, sat it on the bottle tip, soaked the bigger pieces of fabric with logwood dye, wrapped over the body.  After dried became the firm statue. 
He, that naught thing was so curious!
Statues of elegant and bronze looks.  I like to play with textile.  This way I can make some more elegant figurines with the body then put on my nuno felt dress.  I'll explore the sort of craft.
I'll also do some experiments with logwood dye to make purple color.
Thank you so much for Sharon to introduce me such beautiful craft.  Thank Sara Felts and Ginny H. for the silk fabrics that I dyed/ printed  with pretty leaves in Canada.  Those will be "ingredients" for my next project.


  1. My friend here in New Zealand has been doing this for over 5 years now. She is just getting out of it as the product is so expensive. Great job Terria

    1. Imported Paverpol may be very expensive. I was lucky my friend sold me in Canada so the size of this statue materials cost me only about Nz$5! I can make many.

  2. They are all so beautiful, and you my friend are so talented.

  3. The little statues are amazing Terrie. such fun to learn something new.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  4. what beautiful creations, its always so exciting to try new crafts and this is such a satisfying one, beautiful outcome!

  5. Piękne. W Polsce mistrzynią w paverpolu jest Beatka

    1. Thank you for sharing the blog. Beatka is a master !

  6. They look beautiful Terri, paverpol is so much fun isn't it, you can use a wood glue as well if you run out of paverpol, it works just the same :)

    1. Karen, the first figurine I saw was from your blog the African ladies you made. Finally I found how to make it and find it fun. Thanks for inspiration.

  7. Really glad you love it Terri, its amazing what you can make with this craft :)


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