Thursday, November 21, 2013

Well wrapped for my North America trip 整裝待發

Walk walk walk my way....... Upswing for my NA trip. Aware the chilly and snowing days.  I'm well prepared to wrap from head to toe.
為北美之行作好準備, 興奮不單是到加拿大教授我的植物印染技巧與nuno felt 3D手袋製作, 往美國與其他藝術家學習交流是此行重點, 彼岸天氣寒泠, 為此買了靴子, 不夠, 不夠..... 為雙腿保暖, 做對 leg warmer......
I bought the boots.  Thought it's good to have a style to go with leg warmers
A pair of leg warmers made with sorts of wool,  Oh, I can't remember what sorts.  Some finn, some alpaca, some wenslaydale..... They're lovely wool from my Dutch friend Kim.  I love the wool so much and have already made a few vests and bags.   "Wild", just like the curly wild style.
Here's the boots with leg warmers
It's done by nuno felt.  
I simply used my "not so good" natural dyed silk fabric as base, laid wool over it, then the wild curly fleece.  All covered and rubbed, rolled for a while.  A pair is  finished. 

Go wild with vest......
Warm enough we both.  I'm off this Sun,  thrilled for my upcoming workshop to share with like-minded and meeting renowned artists whom I admire so much.......


  1. Great vest and legwarmers Terrie! :) Have a fantastic trip!

  2. You look very stylish for your travels. Happy trails :-)

  3. You look great! Wild and wooly, so outstanding. Have a safe and fun trip, keep warm. It has been cold here and we do get a lot of our cold blasts of winter from our good neighbors to the North, yes, Canada.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)
    P.S. Will be sending you a package in the next 2 weeks.

    1. Thank you Susanne. You're so kind. I've no idea how far is McClure from yours. Wave hands when I'm there.

  4. What a great idea! Have a good trip!
    Aly :o)

  5. Looks like you are ready to go, love your vest and leg warmers. Have a wonderful trip.

  6. This a awasom! Wonderful!

  7. "Historia dmuchawca" to opowieść o umieraniu mojego pierwszego kota. Tak się akurat zbiegła praca na tą kamizelką z jego agonią. Długo nie mogłam jej skończyć z powodu tej tragedii. Dziękuję, że Ci się spodobała.

  8. I love your newest creation....The leg warmers are fantastic...and will keep you nice and toasty in this cold weather. It is bone chilling here tonight.....Brrrrrrrr ;-) Hope your travels have gone smoothly thus far....Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Big hugs,

    1. Thanks Dawn, yesterday I arrived Vancouver safey. Good weather with sunshine though cold. Well aware the freezing days of your region. Feel warm and thrilled we'll be seeing soon.


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