Saturday, November 16, 2013

Welcome home friends 朋友留下足跡回家去

This week my French friends after two days own exploration, I went with them to the tourist spots, up to the hill and down to the sea.......
 Heading to Central Pier 5 for Cheung Chau (長洲)  by tram ride
Arriving noon in a gloomy day but no harm to our mood.
Where shall we go first?
Down an alley to see local life.......
"Peace Bun",  respectful food is typical on the island. 

Visit to the Pak Tai Temple (北帝廟)  built in 1783

Architecture and structure are worth for a visit

Do as the Romans do, to pray for blessing.
Their two sticks of fortune telling are so good and positive.
  Believe it or not, two days after the draw, while we were in Yuen Long at a cross road, a car crashed on the spot where we're just a minute before.  We're lucky to escape the accident, otherwise can't imagine the consequence!
We walked up a hill
"How many steps to climb?"
Aerial view of the island from the hill top
Down in the bay are fishing boats

Dinner by the seashore
After Cheung Chau, next day a ride to Stanley where I've a tiny studio
Some little displays in my studio
They're curious about my ceramic and nuno felt dolls
I got inspired by Brigitte's Provence living. The wall painted lavender and grapevine
The ceramic plate and mugs painted poppies
"Am I good on this nuno felt dress?"

Visit to the grand Tin Hau temple
Prayed the blessing for her friends
After Stanley, next to Repulse Bay

Water, wave, sand..... all Helene loves.....
Final spot to Aberdeen.  Sampans in the busy waterway are famous scene but not quite impressive to them as already been to a few fishing villages or bays.
Statue of fishman

A view to the splendid decoration of the floating restaurant.
Back to town a reciprocal dinner by our French guests

Final heritage walk to a  village in Ping Shan, Yuen Long (元朗屏山)

The Tang Ancestral Hall (鄧氏宗祠) constructed in 1273 is the Tang clan Ancestral Hall. 
The Tang clansmen held a high-ranking position in the Imperial government .
The typical local stall
Happy shopping in a social corporation
After almost 12 days sight seeing, cultural and scenic walks, I wanted them to have a fun and relax day in my house.  I offered my friends a basic natural print experiment.
With assorted leaves laid on silk scarfs and boiled for 2 hours........

Here came the bold, strong and sharp prints

Leaves used are only rose and euc. Outcome with shades that makes the scarfs bright.
   Holiday ended with colorful wraps.  Are you happy gals?

"Capture the nice footprints ........."
"Leave my heart here...... "

We gals have crossed our paths in France years ago, just hope we'll touch base again somewhere sometime.......
Thanks for Brigitte and Helene's visit.  They brought us loads laughs and fun.
Seeing them off  for airport I smiled with tear drops......
So long, au revoir......  safe journey home.


  1. More wonderful adventures together - such fun!

  2. Beautiful photos.
    I'm happy for my friends Brigitte and Helene.
    Your country is beautiful

    Thank U for your hospitality with my friends.
    Hello from France
    Have a nice day

    1. Hi Pascal, I'm happy to have Brigitte and Helene here. They brought us fun and laugh. I miss them and France.
      Have a nice day

  3. What an amazing visit you had with your friends, thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Love to share our happy moments and nice views.
      Have a good day Mereknits.

  4. How wonderful a visit for your friends and for you too, so many good memories for everyone. I am sure there was never a dull moment, you kept them busy with so much sight seeing and good company.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. Having good friends visiting is always nice moment for us. We took the chance to see where we even have never been before. Love to share with you. Thanks Susanne for stopping by.

  5. Wonderful to have friends visit you. Must have been very enjoyable for you all. My granny comes from Cheung Chau Island in HK. I remember visiting her when I was little. I'm glad it is still car-free :-)

  6. Any, Cheung Chau is one of the many Hong Kong outlying islands I like to walk around. Having friends visit also chances for us to do some sight seeing too. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Lovely posting of great friendship!


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