Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2-bag, not TOO bad 不一樣的袋袋子

Two bags made last week just to add more samples of my work.  Both are made with my natural dyed fabric scraps. 
 The left one flap looks "crackers", yes, intended.  Chain strap detachable for a clutch purse. The right one made "3D texture" look.  Strap and bag made in one piece.
Front and back of "crackers bag" .  Back is decorated with green wool nepps.

Front and back of "3D flap".  Back is with yarn.

 Sets of two bags go with my natural printed & dyed scarfs.
Layout of the "crackers bag" - the silk scrap former look with euc leaves prints.  The technique inspired by Heather and learnt in Portugal from Nicola.  The green wool nepps given by Cynthia.  When I was making the bag, I thought of you, my wonderful friends.

Crackers bag with a brooch made with ceramic & wool. Thought it goes well.

My plate is full.  While making the bag, a bundle was boiling.  Time to unwrap and ecstatic to see the outcome of a scarf.

Bags, bags, not too bag......

I've in mind making something with my stitched hemp with a bag.  This one is in a dye pot.  Will it be  yummy?   Stay tuned.


  1. wow lovely results!! love the "Cracker" look.

  2. Yes, these two worked beautifully - the dyeing, too!

  3. Gorgeous bags, I just love them.

  4. You have to be the best dressed woman in Hong Kong complete with lovely accessories like the purses. I like the cracker look, it reminds me of stepping stones in a garden.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. Oh Susanne you're pulling my leg ! Just little exploration.

  5. These are my favourites Terriea!


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