Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Students' scarfs prints 學生絲巾印染

This week I'd groups of students done natural prints on scarfs and wool felt flowers.  Each of them done two pieces of scarfs with two styles of prints. Quite nice to go with a scarf !
近日為新團體辦的植物印染絲巾,  祗用了兩種不同的桉樹葉 (尤加利) 及玫瑰葉,  ,  經過兩個多小時的扎作煲熱,  每人的製作不一樣, 有豐富鮮艷, 有簡約清晰, 他們都是第一次接觸這方式的天然植物印染, 感到奇妙新鮮.
這輕柔的雪紡絲巾四季皆宜, 扣上羊毛襟花是秋日的好配飾.
Natural printing on fabric with leaves was new to the groups.  Made it simple and easy I just used two species of eucalyptus leaves and rose leaves only some with iron mordant to give shades.
I showed them individual leaf prints, overlapped prints, folding methods, tying lines, bundling......
After 90-min boiling in dye pots with vinegar, iron water and leaves,  two pieces  of different styles of scarfs unveiled........  
(Before and after picture)
Clear individual leaves prints of euc leaves and rose leaves 
 Different pieces ...... 
The overlapped prints with tie lines are rich and some of the marks look funny 

This piece is with all euc leaves (silver dollar) so looks bright 

Dark and strong red are of iron mordant 

Funny faces and marks.....

This looks grasses and flowers 
Each of different layout and different outcome 

Soft scarfs of natural prints made by my students.  They are soft and unique.  Isn't it?


  1. Неповторимые работы! Для того чтоб получить красный цвет Вы протравливали листья или ткань? Для красного цвета нужен определенный сорт эвкалипта или любой?

  2. Unique work! In order to get red You протравливали leaves or fabric? Red need a certain kind of eucalyptus or any?

    1. Red or orange is from a few kinds of eucalyptus. One of it I used is eucalyptus cinerea (silver dollar) on silk fabrics. Mostly florists sell for flower arrangements.

  3. They look so elegant, so delicate. It amazes me how you, and now your students, can take just about the same leaves and make such different designs and effects. I wish I was one of your students. I love what you do.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. You're just being kind. Leaves have the magic to give color. Amazing, really amazing.

  4. Muy hermosos, Terriea. Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos !!! Besos

  5. What a wonderful day your students must have had....looks like a grand time was had by all and yes, beautiful scarves indeed.

    1. Thanks Dawn. Glad that more people here want to explore eco prints.


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