Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Art book of nuno felt and eco print 羊毛+植物印染手作本

Ever since encountered wool felt, I've further explored the versatility of 3D nuno felt.  An art book of nuno felt cover thus made.  This is a special gift for an artistic friend who lives in the fragrance of lavender and inspires me lots of creations.  This art book is for the friend we known for decades who likes to write me letters in fountain pen........
一本植物印染、羊毛 nuno felt質感書皮手工釘裝 的小本是我特別送給一位很藝術的朋友, 這二十多年的書信她總會用鋼筆很工整的書寫,我想這小本子會是她記載此行來港的一份小紀念。

An art book with  natural leaves prints and enclosed with a ceramic button

Leaves prints on recycled papers and hand bounded.  

3D nuno felt texture looks organic.  The fabric is my natural prints with euc leaves and dyed in pots of iron and barks. 

Book cover of nuno felt with wool and mulberry silk strings degummed by myself.

And a little ceramic button made by me

Inside wool cover with leaves prints.

A bookmark made with nuno felt and blanket stitched.

Some papers with leaves prints..... rose leaves...

Eucalyptus leaves...

Liquidamber from Argentina friend Delia G...

Rose leaves plus eucalyptus leaves.... green and brown shades...

An art book made with all the skills I learnt.

An art journal of 10 signatures, 60 papers, i.e. 10 pages, size of 17cm x 12 cm.  Though not all printed pages are good, it's made with heart and a touch of love to a special friend who will be visiting Hong Kong shortly.

A special gift for the friend to jot down the visit, a diary or whatever purposes. ......

This is how I made it.
  Laid out the wool, put over mulberry silk strings and dyed silk fabric.  After felted, put the leaves and bundled boiled for 1.5 hours.  Cut the discarded envelopes, sandwiched the leaves for the flat set and boiled for 1.5 hours (boiled together with wool felted cover and other stuff to save energy). Bound it a journal.  That's it.

A special gift for my great friend.  Thrilled for the visit in two months.


  1. It is lovely, and you are a good friend to make a special gift for her. Keep up the good work and your experiments.

  2. Such a thoughtful gift for your friend. Something she can keep always as a good memory of you and her visit. I am sure she will love it. How special is that little heart button you made. So sweet ♥
    Susanne :)

  3. What a treasure you have made for your dear friend. She is going to love it! You are so talented.

    1. Thanks Dawn. I can also see your fabulous Felt Fling. I hope I can join in the future. It sounds GREAT!

  4. Really nice Terriea- love the bookmark and the printed pages!

    1. Thank you Nina. When I made the cover that reminds me your beautiful wrap you made in Monterey. Truly inspired is your work.


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