Friday, August 9, 2013

My collection of eco printed bags 植物印染系列手袋

I made a row of these bags, all wool felted and eco printed & dyed in eucalyptus leaves.  What I wanted to do is the style of flaps.  Following pics speak themselves...........

 I call this "bigger half moon" bag. Made in one piece with strap and flap. A little wild fleece for texture. 
Back of the bag 
 Open the flap
 Prints inside
 This is another one - "smaller half moon". Two-flap and nuno felted texture.
 With another euc leaves prints inside
 Prints outside as well
I put a little mulberry silk on both sides that has a shinny look 
 Another one - a square bag with lining and inner pocket
 Prints inside and nuno felted texture at the bottom corner
 Back of the first one I made before. Last post mentioned.
 The bigger "half moon" bag former in white. Wrapped with euc leaves and boiled, turned to brown.
Making of the small one is the same but only with my own printed scrap for nuno felt.
So you see the bag making from a pizza pastry to salami making.   
These are my collection just made.  This is my idea of flap texture. In the world of creation, we see, we make but we may cross the road with the same. I don't or ever copy anything of this design.  If anyone see anything of the same, it's coincidence.  Please give me a shout, my hat off.  In the blogland I like to inspire and get inspired.  I don't mind to share, otherwise you wouldn't see me here.


  1. oh Terri they are beautiful, anyone would be so proud to carry such a creation of beauty!You have an amazing talent!

  2. I always enjoy and learn from your postings and all your work, Terrie! Another fine collection..!

  3. They are lovely Terrie - such vibrant colour!
    I love the process pics :) Thanks for sharing
    Deborah x

  4. Lovely - and so different each from the others, even though the techniques and materials are the same.

  5. A BEAUTIFUL collection of bags, Terrie!!!

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