Monday, July 29, 2013

Wearable art from thousands miles 千哩以外之情誼

I've a creative weekend. The nuno felt wearable art piece I made with the beautiful prints from...... 
一位阿根廷 facebook 友人知道我愛植物印染, 千哩以外寄給我一些楓葉及桉樹葉, 急不及待的我立刻做了印染及nuno felt披肩, 姑且說是披肩, 其實又可穿上身上或圍在肩上, 多款式的配搭.
Last Sat I received a package from Argentina. The package from my FB friend Delia D.  Delia knew I love eco print and was so nice to send me over thousands miles the pretty windfalls of Acer buergerianum, aceraceae....  Though some experts advocate regionalism.  It's no harm to use windfalls from other regions to do prints. 
I couldn't wait to do experiments with them on silk fabric.  Prints of leaves are all brown with pretty shapes. 
To have a little bit shades, I used my way of iron mordant to make another piece I added eucalyptus and rose leaves. 
A little red, green and brown on this scarf. 
Face lift of eucalyptus, acer and rose leaves.  Euc with buds were impressive.
Green rose leaves, red hearts of euc cinerea and aceraceous. 
I made a wearable piece with the printed fabric. I do not know what to call this "wearable". A poncho? a scarf? a wrap? a shawl?  This is a simple nuno felt one-piece with slip-in sleeves. Can be wore in many easy ways, up or down and reversible. 
Double folded scarf 
Slip in sleeves.... insert and wrap....

The all season wearable, for breeze summer or windy winter.   If anyone could tell me what sort of wearable is this called would be good.


  1. Terrie, I'm glad you sent leaves Delia, of our dear country you liked them.
    Delia is a very generous and very kind.
    A greeting.
    Gloria Abella

    1. The leaves are so pretty. Gloria, I know Delia was with you while picking the leaves. Glad that they become such wearable art from your hands.

  2. wow, what amazing colors, this is such a beautiful piece, I'm not certain, a shawl, a wrap, with the addition of sleeves it becomes so much more, it is truly a work of art!

  3. I would not know what to call it except a one of a kind wrap, so many possibilities for wearing it. A lovely addition to any wardrobe because it can be worn so many ways. Lovely. So nice of your friend to send supplies to you for making more variety in your crafting.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  4. I think you may have invented something new! It looks lovely..

  5. I think I'd just call it a work of art. It is gorgeous!!!

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  7. Terrie, this is absolutely beautiful, as are all your items. Haven't found one I disliked yet!! What kind of silk did you use for this? It drapes beautifully. I am trying different silks out with nuno felting. Have mostly worked with chiffon, but would like to try others.

    1. Thank you Linda. It's gorgett silk. Very good for natural prints as it is a bit heavy weight. I tried crinkle silk, silk chiffon they are all good but prefer most gorgett silk.


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